Automatic Stair Climber For Pianos

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    Automatic Stair Climber For Pianos


    Most popular thand truck for moving pianos up and down stairs!


      Non-Removable Forklift Models

    Model MLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch for raising and lowering the forks.
    Model MLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch for raising and lowering the forks. 

      Removeable Forklift Models

    Model RLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch and Removable Lift Attachment.
    Model RLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch and Removable Lift Attachment. 

                                           1 Year Warranty Included

    This video was shot by youtube user retrochad showing him moving a piano up and down steps on the Escalera hand truck without the forklift attachment.

    Many of our customers want to know how long the battery will last. While this is really dependent on many factors, such as weight, temperature... Generally speaking, it will last for 100-150 steps with the standard battery, and 200-300 with the upgraded battery. (You can select the upgraded option below).

    We also have 2 more videos on the Escalera Home Page which will help you decide which model and accessories is right for you, and another video showing customer testimonials.


    Please Note: 1) Extented toeplate can only be used with removable frame models, when the winch lift is removed.
    2) Upgraded Battery option is only available with hand crank models (Electric lift models come standard with upgraded battery).

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    Jan 30, 2018
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Works quite well

    Advantages: Big timesaver

    Disadvantages: None noted
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  • Accessories

    *Please note: If you plan on ordering extra rewind straps, please specify (in customer notes by checkout) which position you want them in. Available positions are at 18" , 33" and 48". 

    Extended Toeplate



    X-Large extended removable toe plate fits over the standard toe plate. Available in 2 sizes; 12” x 28” and 12” x 32"

    Big Wheel Attachment



    Easily removable pneumatic 10” tires for rolling on rough terrain. Snaps on and off hand truck in 2 seconds.

    Extra Rewind Belts


    12 foot long nylon automatic rewinding safety strap. Upper, middle and lower positions available for maximum security.

    Magnum Cross Grip 


    Non-Slip cross-grip rubber coated handle with wider opening. Replaces the standard chrome top handle.

    Retractable Load Support


    Wide track folding kick-out legs with swivel casters. Foot operated latch allows for easy deployment without straightening the load.

    Barrel Concave Attachment



    Concave, padded brace secures cylinder-shaped items. Commonly used for water-heaters, barrels and drums.

    Adjustable Height Toeplate


    Ideal for moving loads with legs,such as furniture and snack vending machines that have protruding legs on them.

    Padded Rest



    Very important for loads above 60" tall. Ensures that pully wheel stud does not cause your load to be destabilized. (forklift model only)

     Portable Steps
    See Chart Below


    Lift Hitch


    Carry your  Escalera Stairclimber on the back of your vehicle. Fits standard 2 inch receiver (forklift model only)

     Liftplate Attachment


    Removable Steel Platform - 24" x 28" platform, sits on top of forks - easily snaps on/off (forklift model only)

     Desktop Copier Dolly


    Carpeted Pallet Attachment - aluminum with strap - perfect for dektop copiers and other short items (forklift models only)

    Step Detection
    Safety System


    Click here for more info
    and to watch video


    Swivel Caster Attachment



    Attaches easily to the back of the hand truck near the top handles. Allows the hand truck to lay flat and roll in a horizontal position.



    Aluminum Portable Steps - Avoid the need of buying a liftgate, also an alternative to the hitch lift.

Item - RLA--HC
Our price - $2549.99
Our price - $2549.99
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Big Wheel Attachment:
Extra Rewind Strap:
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Liftplate Attachment:
Magnum Cross Grip Handle:
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Barrel Attachment:
Swivel Caster Attachment:
Lift Hitch:
Portable Steps:
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12V In-Vehicle Carger:
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