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Steel Hand Trucks

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Steel Hand Trucks

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5 Gallon Pail Hand Truck
Item: PAIL-T

500 lbs. Capacity

Our price: $596.99

Item: MT10006
660 lb Capacity
Hard Rubber Wheels
Our price: $279.99

Cheap Steel Hand Truck
Item: MT10030
400 lb Capacity
List Price: $169.99 save 24%
Our price: $129.99

Convertible 4-in-1 Steel Hand Truck with 10" Rubber Wheels
Item: DTC8635P

800 lbs Weight Capacity
Easily Converts Into 4 Different Positions

Our price: $436.99

Convertible Hand Truck With Deck & 10" Pneumatic Wheels
Item: Milwaukee 30087

800 lb. Capacity
Steel Back Plate

Our price: $339.99

Double Loop Handle Hand Truck 8" Solid Puncture Proof Tires
Item: Milwaukee 47186

600 lb. Capacity
Solid Tires

Our price: $406.99

Fork Hand Truck for Mini Skids
Item: 67264

600 LB Capacity
Available with Dual Wheels

Our price: $579.99

Hand Truck For Moving Reels
Item: WR9061


Our price: $659.99

Heavy Duty Hand Truck Single Pin
Item: Wesco 210010

500 lbs. Capacity 5 Year Warranty

List Price: $369.99 save 22%
Our price: $289.99

Heavy Duty Warehouse Hand Truck
Item: 210055
3 Wheel Options Available 1000lb Capacity
Our price: $539.99

Heavy Duty Warehouse Hand Truck -Kickout Wheels
Item: 210062

3 Wheel Options Available 1000lb Capacity

Our price: $663.99

Manual Stair Climber Hand Truck-6 Wheels
Item: ST-TRUCK-300

Unique Innovation!

Our price: $369.99

Whether you need a hand truck for your home or office, business or store, a warehouse or a storeroom, Handtrucks2go offers high quality steel hand trucks that are affordable and easily stored when not in use. With strong welded frames and a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you will be pleased with our selection and more than pleased with the reasonable prices. With weight capacities as low as 300 pounds and as high as 800 pounds, these heavy duty steel hand trucks will make your job easier by providing the perfect solution to moving materials from one place to another. Handtrucks2go offers models with two handles, dual pin or loop handles or continuous handles. There are steel hand trucks that are also convertible - and those that are built for commercial use where they get a workout every day! Whatever the style, whatever the need, or whatever the size, we have what you are lookig for. Our dedicated and very knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to provide the best advice possible based on their expertise and get you the best possible price for whatever you may need.

Handtrucks2go is the best choice for all your warehouse moving equipment needs.


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