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We have a  pallet mover for every job and every budget. We have budget-friendly hand pallet trucks and heavy duty pallet jack trucks we have the product you want at a price so good you won't need to go shopping anywhere else!

Handtrucks2go has a pallet mover for any budget and any job.  We offer budget-friendly pallet jack trucks!  Are you on a budget?  We can help find the pallet truck that is affordable and flexible for that budget!  The pallet truck you need for today and for tomorrow is available at Handtrucks2go.com!

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 The pallet jack is used to move and lift items for the purpose of transportation and/or storage.  It is also known as the jigger, pump truck, and pallet truck.  The conventional pallet jack has two forks.  The forks measure seven (7) inches.   The fork length is available in thirty six (36) inches, forty two (42) inches, or forty eight (48) inches.   The specific length should be ordered according to the type of items it will be moving.

 Handtrucks2 go offers two types of pallet jacks:

The power pallet jack operates best when charged before each use.  When charged, it easily moves and lifts items such as heavy wooden or plastic pallets.  The powered pallet jack, also known as ‘walkies’, electric pallet trucks, and single/double pallet trucks, is usually operated by the throttle, located on the pallet jack handle.  The throttle moves the pallet jack in reverse or forward, and is steered in the direction it is intended to go by pointing the handle in the specific direction.

Some powered pallet jacks have an emergency stop switch as opposed to the conventional brake, in order to make the machine stop quickly, if needed. Powered pallet jacks use a system known by the experienced users, as ‘plugging’.   This process is used to slow the machine down or stop it.   The emergency stop switch is best used for emergency stops only.

The economy pallet jack is a hand-powered jack.  There are times, if you are using this type of pallet jack, that it can be very physical work.  The manual model is best used for smaller loads, including boxes, large buckets, trash cans, etc.

There are operational limitations to both types of pallet jacks.   These include the following limitations:


    • cannot be used on reversible pallets,
    • cannot be used on deck boards with double-faced non-reversible pallets if the front wheels are extended,
    • limited use to enable two-way entry (forks cannot be inserted into the notches for a four-way notched-stringer pallet).

 Both pallet jacks should only be used by adults and not children.  When a load is moved from one place to another, it should be secure enough to keep the load from shifting or falling off of the jack itself.  This equipment can be useful for schools, churches, warehouses, retail businesses, hospitals, garages, public buildings, etc.


The pallet jack is a moveable tool which is used in order to move and lift portable platforms for the purpose of transportation and storage. The pallet jack also has other names such as the jigger, the pump truck, and the pallet truck. The standard width of a conventional pallet jack for each of its two forks is 7 inches while its fork length is either available in 36 inches, 42 inches, or 48 inches. There are two different types of pallet jack, one is the powered pallet jack, and the other one is the manual pallet jack.

The powered pallet jack should be charged beforehand in order for it to function properly so that it would be able to move and lift any stacked and heavy pallets. During its operation, there is usually a platform involved so that the pallet jack’s user can stand on it while handling the pallets around in a warehouse or while unloading and loading the trucks. The powered pallet jack, or otherwise also known as walkies, electric pallet trucks, and single/double pallet trucks, is usually operated by one throttle which is situated on the pallet jack’s handle in order to move around in a reverse mode or forward, and is being steered to the direction intended by having the handle swung towards it.

Some of the powered pallet jacks have a ‘dead man’s switch’ as oppose to the conventional brake in order to make the machine stop and is especially handy if the user has to stop all of a sudden or ditch the machine while it is still being used. On the other hand, some powered pallet jacks are using a system which is known by most pallet jack users as ‘plugging’ which is used to slow the machine down or stop it from being used, since the ‘dead man’s switch’ is best used during an emergency only.

Meanwhile, the Manual pallet jack is only operational manually, meaning that it can only be handled by its user’s bare hands since it is a hand-powered jack. It might be kind of tiring at times if you are using this type of pallet jacks as it really drains your energy and you would have to give a lot of effort to operate this type of pallet jack. Though a lot of people mostly opt to use the powered pallet jacks, the manual pallet jack is great when you don’t have the extra time to charge your electric pallet trucks.

Although both of the pallet jack types are great, there are, however, a few operational limitations to both of them, which include the inability to use the reversible pallets, the inability to have deck boards on the double-faced non-reversible pallets if the front wheels are being extended, and its limited ability to only enable two-way entry since the forks are unable to be inserted into the notches for a four-way notched-stringer pallet. Its limitation regarding this are hindering.

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