PowerPallet Manual Pallet Jack Converter

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    PowerPallet Manual Pallet Jack Converter

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    The PowerPallet is a new and unique "bolt-on" device that will instantly convert any standard major brand manual pallet jack into an ultra-compact motorized pallet jack. This revolutionary, multi-patented invention consists of a powerful, battery operated compact drive unit and throttle assembly that can be connected to any major brand or standard pallet jack.

    This machine is not just another walkie. It is a revolution in thinking in ergonomic and cost-effective pallet moving. The PowerPallet can greatly improve both the productivity and ergonomics of your operation, while still maintaining all the flexibility afforded by a manual jack.

    What we love about the PowerPallet:

    Economical - Inexpensive to purchase and inexpensive to maintain.
    Compact - Virtually the same size as your manual pallet jack, with the same small turning radius.
    Easily Customizable - Customer can easily program the PowerPallet to meet their specific needs! Choose Between 6 speeds settings and 6 horn safety settings.
    No Down Time - Compact, lightweight, and easy interchangeable battery, allows you to have spare batteries charging while using your unit ensuring no down time!
    Versatile - Turn those special custom pallet jacks and and non-standard sizes that are not available with a motorized option into a motorized pallet jack!

    Improve the productivity and safety of your pallet moving operations while maintaining a consistent operator interface regardless of the age/brand/condition of the pallet jacks in operation. PowerePallet powered drive units also represent unprecedented value with a low purchase price, minimal maintenance costs and the benefit of having “multiple lives”.

    Also available here with complete Pallet Jack and PowerPallet with Dual Drive Wheels. This unit will not work for refrigerated truck with slatted floors. For that you will need the dual drive model.

     What's Included:
    • PowerPallet Converter Kit
    • Battery Charger
    • 1 Battery Pack (You can also purchase additional batteries if required).

    • Unit Weight with Battery Pack - 33 lbs
    • Max. Load Capacity  - 3,500lbs
    • Max Speed - 3.7 MPH
    • All new Lithium Ion battery (introduced July 2018) has 10-15% better run time and life expectancy of charge cycles than the old Nickle-Metal battery

     Have a look at this video demonstrating the PowerPallet in use as well as assembly instructions.
    For more details you can also see the complete manual here.


    Learn How To Measure and Mount Your Pallet Jack to the PowerPallet 2000 


    Unparalleled Safety Features
    Multiple circuitry redundancy (incl.multiple E-Stop button activators);
    Hand-proximity confirmation on throttle activation (unit won’t move
    without operator’s hand on throttle);E-Stop circuitry is checked after each
    time the machine auto powers off.
    Exceptional Technolgy Features
    RPM-matched speed (consistent throttle response regardless of load); controlled
    hill decent, hill holding and hill-climbassist; “intelligent” dynamic braking;
    smartphone configurable settings for accel/decel rates, max. speed, auto/
    manual horn; usage logging and more.
    Never Down For Recharging issues & No More Cold Battey Issues
    Instead of using the large, heavy lead acid batteries that conventional electric
     fork trucks use, the PowerPallet uses compact, quick-charge,
     quick-change, 46V NiMH battery packs. They can be easily removed
     to minimize exposure to low temp’s(outdoors or in freezer trucks) when not
    in use, greatly improving battery performance.
    Flexibilty To Change Pallet Lack Brands and Models
    An expanding library of (inexpensive) mounting plates are offered to allow
    attachment of the PowerPallet to an array of popular pallet jacks.
    Owners can easily switch between or mix different models of manual
    jacks over time while maintaining a consistent operator interface ... being
    the PowerPallet’s throttle and drive system
    Seperation of Technology from Commodity
    This patented concept allows the ‘technology component’, the PowerPallet drive unit, to
    be easily removed from the ‘commodity component’, a worn-out manual pallet
    jack, and moved over onto a new jack to start its next life. The result is that a
    PowerPallet sees a much longer service life at a lower acquisition and annual cost.
    Minimal Maintenance Required
      with no mechanical or electrical experience or special tools required.
    The PowerPallet has been designed and built to be virtually maintenance free.
    The minimal amount of maintenance and parts required are inexpensive
     to purchase and easy to replace (see Step-by-Step YouTube® videos)

    The pallet jack that we recommend this kit for is the Crown PTH50 or one of the others listed under the Technical Details tab above, as there will be no need to fill out all the specs of the pallet jack you will be installing the kit on, since we will already know the specs of that pallet jack, and we can ensure that the kit will fit on those jacks. For other pallet jacks see below.

    In order to ensure that you receive the appropriate fittings for your pallet jack, we will need some information that can be filled out when ordering. Please specify your current Pallet Jack - Brand and Model, as well as the points shown below.
    There are also some limitations as you will see.

    A) Diameter of steer wheels - Requirements: Between, 6.5 Inches and 7.28 Inches
    B) Inner distance between steer wheels - Smaller than 2.95 Inches requires an axle kit ($15 add-on charge)
    C) Diameter of axle - Requirements: Between, 1 Inch and 1.07 Inches
    D) Diameter of lower pump shaft at top of steer wheels - Requirements: Between, 1.96 Inches and 2.33 Inches
    E) Clearance between bottom of lower pump shaft & floor - Requirements: Between - 2.55 Inches and 2.76 Inches
    F) Thrust plate can not taper down more than 3" common on low profile pallet jacks (see detailed images for picture of thrust plate)
    G) We can only accomodate non-articulating axles. Assume that you have a non-articulating axle unless you know otherwise, as the articulating ones are very rare (they feature an independent suspension for each wheel).

    Important: When measuring the diameter of the lower pump assembly, if your pump tapers down, please make sure to give us the diameter of the widest point.

    Some handles, like the old Multiton, Bishamon, and BT jacks, have a unique handle design that will not accomodate the PowerPallet kit. Pallet Jacks with brake levers or other devices, also can not accomodate the kit. See detailed images for handles that will not work.

    If you plan on using the kit on a pallet jack servicing a refrigerated truck, please call us to discuss first, as it will not be compatible with the slatted style refrigerated truck floors.


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    Jan 30, 2017
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    The unit went on our manual jack easily and fairly quickly. The driver delivered 18 stops before the battery started showing yellow.

    Advantages: The driver does not have to work as hard to deliver the product. It does not add much weight to the jack and it costs much less than buying a regular electric jack. The small battery and charger can easily be charged in the truck over night because our trucks have APU's.

    Disadvantages: The drive wheel is very small
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    Brand Model  Yr-Yr
    Blue Giant FPT-55 Not Given
    Cat 5500lbs capacity Not Given
    Cat A400002043 2016
    Cat   2017
    Caterpillar RPA 40000 2015
    Clark CJ55 2015
    Clark CJ55 2015
    Costco Pallet    
    Crown PTH50 12-CUR
    Dayton 4YX97 Not Given
    Dura Llift  Unicarrier AC25 2017
    Eagle 55 EAG27*48 ?
    EOS Lift DBD25  
    Geprufte Sicherhelt 6600# Not Given
    Global Industrial 168081 Not Given
    Global Industrial WB168039 2016
    Haul Master 68761 2015
    Hyster ECO 1-55 2015
    Jet  PT2748 same as CAT52mm
    Lift Rite    LG55270048 ?
    Lift Rite Narrow Titan, Low Pro Shorty  
    Lifter GS NR 264528 1998
    Little Mule  Unknown unknown
    Multilift PSD3000N 2016
    Multiton AM2200  
    Nicto E-Z Pallet Lift  2000
    NobleLift AC 25 2016
    NobleLift DF  
    PM4  2748-LP 2015-2016
    Raymond RJ50 07-CUR
    Raymond  RJ50N 2017
    Ruyi - Interthor ETT 2017
    Ruyi or Xilin DF-11  
    Titan TS55 2010
    Total Source  TSP5500 unknown
    Toyota HPT25 07-13
    TVH HJ5500  
    Uline H-1043 2015
    Uline H-1193 2015
    Uline H-1365 2014
    Uline H-1780 2014
    Ultra ALT 50 2015
    Vestil L60A 2010
    NOBLELIFT(paper roll jack)



    any year
    NOBLELIFT (standard and long fork pallet jacks) ACL44-XX and AC55  
    WESCO 272747  
    Wesco 272744  
    Wesco 272660 1997-2017
    Wesley International 58-56-55SLRT 2016
    Wesley International / Pallet Mule 72-44-55SL2.9 2012
    Wesley International / Pallet Mule 36-38-5D SLRT 2009
    Yale ECO 1-55 2015
Item - 85200 Kit
Our price - $2079.99
Our price - $2079.99
85200 Kit
Your Current Pallet Jack Brand, Model, and Year:
A) Diameter of Steer Wheels (Inches):
B) Width Between Steer Wheels (Inches):
C) Diameter of Axle (Inches):
D) Diameter of Lower Pump Shaft (Inches):
E) Clearance between bottom of lower pump shaft & floor (Inches):
F) Thrust Plate:
G) Axle Type:
Spare Battery Pack:
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