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Power Wheel Barrows

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Power Wheel Barrows

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9 Cubic Ft Electric Dump Tray Cart with Power Dump
Item: 70260

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $3699.99

Compact Power Drive and Dump Wheelbarrow
Item: PDC-1000-33

1,000 lbs Weight Capacity
Comes with Heavy Duty Steel Hopper

Our price: $5876.99

Electric Powered Ride on Cart - 10 Cubic Feet Steel Hopper
Item: 70201

Has a load capacity of 400 lbs

Our price: $4709.99

Electric Wheelbarrow – 8 Cubic ft. with 4WD Manual Dump
Item: 70236

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $3422.99

Off-Road Powered Drive Cart with Tiltable Platform
Item: OROAD-400-T

31" x 52" Platform
600 Lb Capacity

Our price: $4199.99

Power Drive and Power Dump Wheel Barrow with 8 Cubic Foot Hopper
Item: 70179

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $3699.99

4 Wheel Power Drive and Dump Wheel Barrow - 10 Cubic Foot
Item: 70173

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $4409.99

Light Duty Electric Wheelbarrow 200lb Capacity
Item: 44219

Perfect For Home Landscaping &  Light Duty Use

Our price: $773.99

Power Wheel Barrow with 10 Cubic Foot Dump Hopper
Item: 70286

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $3169.99

Motorized Battery Dump Cart - 6 Cubic Feet

Available with 4 different wheel types
400 lbs Capacity

Our price: $2517.99

4 Wheel Power Drive and Dump Wheel Barrow - 8 Cubic Foot
Item: 70174

500-750 LB Capacity

Our price: $4309.99

6 Cubic Ft. Tray Electric Power Cart
Item: 70290

500 - 750 LB Capacity

Our price: $2829.99

Power Wheel Barrows are perfect for landscape projects, nurseries, gardeners, park and recreation, and construction sites. Our electric garden carts and wheebarrows are available as gas powered or an electic battery power andcome with big wheels that will let you drive over rough surface and terrain. Who would want to use a traditional wheelbarrow when electric power wheelbarrows are available at prices more affordable than ever? The original wheelbarrow was intended to make it possible to transport heavy loads that would otherwise be impossible to carry by an individual.

A wheelbarrow is hand-propelled, with a single wheel, and it intended to be guided by a person that pushes it at the rear while gripping two handles. A wheel barrow is a second-class lever that includes other inventions like nutcrackers, bottle openers, and brake pedals. Battery powered wheel barrows have not been around for that long, only since about 1986, but they are an innovation that manual laborers probably wished they had in centuries past.

 If the original wheelbarrow was intended to make it easier to push heavy loads by a single person, why not modify it and take it to the next level, and make it even easier to transport those heavy loads? Landscape projects, nursery work, gardening, farming, and backyard improvement can be grueling if it’s over a large area, an extensive project, or a job that you’re being paid for. Why not use an electric power wheelbarrow where you would otherwise use a traditional wheelbarrow?

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Power Wheelbarrows Over Traditional Wheelbarrows? Electric power wheelbarrows, also called powered wheelbarrows, power dump carts, or motorized wheelbarrows, have several advantages of traditional wheelbarrows. The latter are extremely tedious to use once you’ve tried your hand at electric power wheelbarrows.

 You can suffer from back injuries when using traditional wheelbarrows, especially when going up steep slopes. Electric wheelbarrows are also easier over rough, rocky, or uneven terrain. You don’t want to put any unnecessary strain on your back. Manual labor can come with its fair share of future debilitating pain, and you want to minimize the chance for this as much as possible. Anyone serious about using wheelbarrows should get electric power wheelbarrows instead because they’re easier and safer on the back to use.

 Electric wheel barrows usually have interchangeable accessories, so you can use them in a variety of circumstances, and you are not just limited to the static nature of what a traditional wheelbarrow can offer you. Interchangeable accessories are also easy to change out, and it might only take a few seconds. Their ease of operation is much more so than a traditional wheelbarrow. Versatility is one of the primary benefits of these amazing machines. Use it for towing, vacuuming, and carry heavy and awkward items. The interchangeable parts would include flat bed attachments.

 What Are Some Of The Leading Electric Power Wheelbarrows?

  • Dump Tray Power Cart – this is a commercial grade machine that is useful for farming, landscaping, and backyard work. It can over terrain. This powerhouse can handle up to 750 pounds. The four wheels give you more stability and control over the device. It has a charge time of 6-8 hours, easy attachment accessories, and an enclosed gear box.
  • Power Wheel Barrow with 10 Cubic Foot Dump Hopper – 13” all-terrain tires turn this monster into something that can handle any task, even over rough surfaces. It is a completely electric device, and there are no fumes, noises, or quirks that make this a difficult machine. It can go forward at 2.4 miles per house. The brakes even allow the cart to be held at an incline. There are some safety features that make this a trusty device.
  • Power Wheel Barrow with 7 Cubic Foot Dump Hopper – this commercial grade wheelbarrow is the one to buy if you have the budget and a commercial enterprise too. Whatever the weather conditions, except for extremely deep water, it will work for you. This is a sheer monster.




What Are The Myriad Uses Of Power Wheelbarrows?


Farms, stables, & areas where horses are kept are great places to use power wheelbarrows. They are excellent for stable cleaning, corral cleanup, and maintaining horse stalls. They are, of course, useful for llama farms, turkey farms, and ostrich farms too.

 The interchangeable versatile attachments really make it easy to work in equestrian centers. For example, a bulk bucket can be used to replace a standard bucket for the transport of hay and straw.

You might also be able to attach paddock vacuums. This will make it easier to clean up horse manure, debris, and water. You can even attach a snow plow to remove slurry on the farm. As you can see, the interchangeable attachments are what really make the electric power wheelbarrows do leaps and bounds over traditional wheelbarrows. Landscaping and gardening are two of the primary uses that people have in mind for electric wheelbarrows when they purchase them.

These machines are light and can be used around the yard without damaging it. Again, the flat bed, bucket extension, and snow plow can be used just as well on the lawn. Some good examples of flat bed use might include big pots, slabs, cement or compost bags, or garden ornaments.

Bucket extensions are ideal for the backyard landscaping project. Larger buckets that have higher capacity can be used to carry compost, mulch, hedge cuttings, and more.

Building and construction projects are where these machines really come into play. An electric wheelbarrow can work alongside mini-diggers, trench-diggers, and concrete buggies with ease, making your job a lot easier. The powerlift attachment will allow a weight of several hundred kg to be easily carted over rough terrain with no strain on the worker.

An electric wheelbarrow can be used for laying asphalt or cement, moving pavers, concrete, or gravel, digging up footings, or doing dirt removal.

What Else Can Be Said About Electric Power Wheelbarrows?Oftentimes, they don’t look like traditional wheelbarrows. They may have four wheels instead of the usual one. This makes them more versatile though. They could be referred to as dump carts too, which is accurately describing their use in some circumstances. Optional accessories make them truly versatile. If you have a variety of tasks to perform, or you think you are going to be involved in a commercial landscaping enterprise, this is a must-have machine.


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