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Raymond Products

Raymond Products

Raymond Products

Bistro Table Cart
Item: Raymond 720

Perfect for Bars and Restaurants!

Our price: $237.99

Narrow Panel Cart - Perfect For Round Tables and Mattresses
Item: 3771

Only 24" Wide

Our price: $659.99

New Raymond All Purpose Dolly - 4 Wheels
Item: Raymond 3400

New Design
550 lb Capacity

Our price: $107.99

Pipe Rack Cart
Item: Raymond 975

Available with Brakes

Our price: $599.99

Raymond HD Waterfall Panel Mover Vinyl Platform
Item: 5060

6 Caster Choices
3200 lb Capacity

Our price: $919.99

Raymond Heavy Duty Cross-Brace Panel/Sheet Mover
Item: 5005

Many Caster Choices
3200 lb Capacity

Our price: $929.99

Raymond Heavy Duty Cross-Brace Panel/Sheet Mover with Polyvinyl Deck
Item: 5013

Many Caster Choices
3200 lb Capacity

Our price: $1059.99

Raymond Heavy Duty Waterfall Panel/Sheet Mover
Item: 5050

6 Caster Choices
3200 lb Capacity

Our price: $793.99

Raymond-Extra Wide Hand Truck - 22 Inches
Item: Raymond 770
22" x 6" Noseplate
600 lb Capacity
List Price: $289.99 save 7%
Our price: $269.99

Round Folding Table Cart and Mover
Item: 3701

Will Work with Small and Big Tables

Our price: $683.99

Universal Chair Dolly
Item: Raymond 560

Fits Most Chairs

Our price: $114.99

Raymond Panel Mover Cart
Item: Raymond Panel Mover

27 1/2" x 36" load area
2400 lb. capacity, 3 Wheel Choices

List Price: $529.99 save 8%
Our price: $489.99

Raymond Products in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are the manufacturers of the highest quality panel movers and cart for over 50 years. Their emphasis on quality and service assures you of a product that will serve you for many many years. If you see a Raymond product that is a bit pricier on our website than what seems to be a comparative product, rest assured that the Raymond product is of a lot higher quality, be it a thicker gauge of steel or just overall better construction.

Handtrucks2go brings you the best deals on all Raymond products; from table trucks, to stacking chair dollies, folding chair caddies to desk movers. Get the cart you need for your school or business from the best name brand in this line!

Raymond Products offers the widest selection of table and chair movers, including chair dollies folded chair trucks, stacked chair totes, hanging folded chair totes and folded chair dollies. They manufacture furniture trucks, table movers, table storage trucks and table dollies.

Raymond chair trucks can transport and store up to 72 folded chairs and are perfect for storing chairs in a small and tight space. Raymond hanging folded chair and table trucks have unique designs that offers convenience and flexibility. Their student desk mover can also be used to move stacked chairs and a variety of compact utility tables. and

All of their products are made right here in the USA!  You will find their specialty moving dollies in many major corporations, institutions and schools across the country. Whether you need to move a desk, file cabinet or hundreds of chairs and tables, we have a Raymond product to make your job easier. And better yet our Raymond Products are always on SALE!!!

Get Your Raymond Movers - High Quality Equipment at Handtrucks2go.com!

Save 10% - 25% on all Raymond Products and Moving Equipment, only at Handtrucks2go.com!


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