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Drum Dollies

We have drum dollies for 30, 55 and 85 gallon drums with capacities of up to 2000 lbs.
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Drum Dollies

We have drum dollies for 30, 55 and 85 gallon drums with capacities of up to 2000 lbs.
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30 & 55 Gallon Double Drum Dolly with Hard Rubber Wheels
Item: DRUM-X2-30-HR

2,000 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity
Suitable for all Types of Drums

Our price: $259.99

5 Gallon Container Drum Dolly
Item: MPD-5

Will Work for Round, Square, Plactic and Steel Containers

Our price: $154.99

Drum Rack Dolly with Retractable Handles
Item: 8818-41

700 lbs capacity.
Compatible with 30 And 55 Gallon Drums

Our price: $267.99

Heavy Duty Drum Dolly 2000lb Capacity
Item: OCTO-55

1 Ton Capacity!
For 55 Gallon Drums

Our price: $179.99

Large 8-Wheeler Aluminum Platform Wagon
Item: Fat Boy Alumacart

1,100 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity
Perfect for Big Plant Pots and Drums!

Our price: $799.99

Low Profile Double Drum Dolly

2,000 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity
Suitable for all Types of Drums

Our price: $599.99

Multi-Purpose Pail/Drum Dolly
Item: Drum-TRI-H

For 3 & 55 Gallon Drums
& for 5 Gallon Pail

Our price: $99.99

Plastic Drum Dollies for 30 and 55 Gallon Drums
Item: 240201

Comes With 5 Swivel casters!

Our price: $139.99

Tilting Drum Dolly

For 5, 30, and 55 Gallon Drums

Our price: $169.99

Wesco KD Drum Truck For Poly Drums
Item: 240053

New Design!
1000lb Capacity

Our price: $513.99

Wesco KD Drum Truck For Steel Drums
Item: 240052

New Design!
1000lb Capacity

Our price: $442.99

Wesco Stainless Steel Drum Truck For Poly Drums
Item: 240020

New Design!
1000lb Capacity

Our price: $2139.99

Maneuvering and Transporting Drums Has Never Been This Easy. Try Out Handtrucks2go's Drum Dollies All Available At Great Prices!

What do you do when you just have to move those drums around? You certainly don’t want to haul them around by hand, hoist them up, carry them, or roll them. You, of course, need drum dollies. It can make your job much easier. The good news is that you can purchase 30, 55, and 85 gallon drum dollies for relatively cheap prices that hold up to 1,000 lbs. Drum dollies are good in their own right, but they also help employees with neck, arm, or back problems.

Hauling heavy steel drums around the factory can be difficult. If employees try to tilt or roll heavy drums, they will need a lot of dexterity and strength. Why make it any harder on your employees to haul drums around? It’s already hard enough on them doing manual laborer. These drum dollies will also limit liability at work because your workers have less of a chance of getting injured on the job. A disabled worker is not productive. Drum dollies are inexpensive too, so you should be able to afford them. They fall in the price range of a small business owner. They are very economical and useful on the factory floor.

 Let’s take a look at some drum dollies so you can glean more information about their features.

Vestil Heavy Duty Drum Dolly 2000 lb. – This powerful drum dolly is available in two models. There is an Octo Drum Dolly that rolls on eight casters that can transport drums that weigh up to 2,000 pounds. There is also a Drum-HD model that has locking swivel casters that can move those same 55 gallon drums as well.

Vestil Multi-Purpose Pail/Drum Dolly – The Vestil multi-purpose drum dollies have polished zinc finishes that are ideal for corrosion rebuffing. They have swivel casters, and they come with nylon straps that help transport the drums down aisles or over thresholds too. There are rubber-coated hooks that make it easy for you to hook on top of the drums for storage. They also have a weight capacity up to 1,200 lbs

Vestil Plastic Drum Dolly – Vestil plastic drum dollies are manufactured with high-impact strength polyethylene. These babies should be able to get the job done. They are good for both indoor and outdoor uses. They can be used with 30 and 55 gallon drums.

As you can see, there are a variety of drum dollies. Each has different capacities and weight limits. Some are stronger and more effective than others. Some are made of different materials that are lighter and more resistant to corrosion. Drum dollies are dollies made for specialized uses, and they really do the trick. They were invented because people needed an easy way to haul drums. Oftentimes, drums are filled with heavy materials like oils or liquids. It can be hard on the back, neck, and arms to move them around the shop, manufacturing plant, or factory without a drum dolly to make the job much easier. The price of drum dollies is so low that no small business owner that needs them should neglect to buy them. It is better and safer for the employees. It will make them happier with you.

Most drum dollies should be assembled when delivered. However, some may not, and may require some light construction. If assembly is necessary, it should be quite easy to get it done if you just follow the manufacturer instructions. If you have any questions about the assembly of your drum dollies, you can always call the manufacturer service department to get a little help. Your employees should be able to figure it out though. Drum dollies have few moving parts.

Your drum dollies may need maintenance on a regular basis. Make sure that the wheels and gears are maintained based on the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to ensure optimal safety and functionality, call the manufacturer’s service department to make sure you are doing everything right.

Drum dollies are just a necessity in any setting where drums are regularly used. If you don’t have drum dollies, you are doing your employees a disservice. If you don’t have drum dollies, you do not have a sufficient workplace as far as everything that is needed in that kind of setting.

Some drum dollies can even expand to meet drum size needs. These are excellent drum dollies to buy because they save you so much because they have so much versatility. Some drum dollies have multiple levels of design.

Have a look at our selection of drum dollies, whatever size drum you have you will be able to find the dolly you need right here at Handtrucks2go.com. If you need help locating the right one give our helpful and knowledgeable staff a call and they will be happy to assist you.

Need a drum dolly? Make sure to visit us first for big savings!


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