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Electric Tuggers

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Electric Tuggers

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Battery Powered Trailer Dolly Cart
Item: C27-OT+70109

Pull up to 2500 lbs

Our price: $2599.99

5000lb Motorized Electric Tugger with 2" Ball Hitch
Item: MT-5000-3012


Our price: $5399.99

Motorized Hand Truck Tugger-Trailer Hitch with Dual Tires
Item: MHT75DD

1000 lbs Load Capacity

Our price: $3848.99

5000lb Motorized Electric Tugger with Pintle and Hook
Item: MT-5000-302


Our price: $5349.99

5000lb Electric Tugger with Mounted Round Bar Hitch
Item: MT-5000-310


Our price: $5499.99

Ekko Electric Tow Tractor - 6600 lbs Capacity
Item: EG30

Can tow up to 6,600 lbs
Fast and efficient!

Our price: $7999.99

Industrial Cart Mover (PowerMover 2000) - 3500lb Capacity
Item: PM2k

Affordable and costs less than most movers in its class!

Our price: $2799.99

Electric Hand Truck Tugger with with Adjustable Hitch - 3500lb Capacity
Item: MHT75AD

Available in 3 different wheel types
Can pull up to 3500 lbs

Our price: $3598.99

In this category, you’ll find the best quality electric tuggers for its price. But before that, you need to know what an electric tugger is and what it’s for. It is basically a towing vehicle that hitches up to an independent trailer. If you have something already on wheels and you want a machine to help you pull or push it, then this is the product for you.

These tuggers are vey popular for moving boats in tight spaces such as narrow driveways where moving it with your truck is not possible.

An electric tugger can also hitch and unhitch from your cart providing you with numerous options in dealing with heavy duty tasks. This helps make pulling or tugging things in any direction effortless and easy. Handtruckstogo helps provide you with solutions for safely moving and lifting materials and loads as ergonomic as possible without sacrificing your quality of work, so buy one now!

As mentioned earlier, it can be used in numerous occasions. Battery powered tuggers are used in factories, office complexes, carrying heavy loads, industrial applications, trailer towing, healthcare, manufacturing industries, aircraft towing campuses, and other facilities for a variety of general material handling purposes.

Here at Handtruckstogo, we make sure that we give you diverse products to address different tasks you want to accomplish. We only provide you great products from top manufacturers such as Magliner, EK-TECH, Ekko Lifts and many more. Our wide range of carts and tuggers includes custom and off-the-shelf solutions with a variety of accessories and hitches of your choice.

Electric tuggers are designed to reduce and even prevent strains and pains often associated with manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment and also minimizes the risk of injury. In the working industry, time is money and labor force is power. With that being said, sacrificing your worker’s healthcare could be costly and moving around things manually is not cost-effective at all! In relation to that, using these products reduces the overall number of workman's compensation and insurance claims as well as improving overall productivity and eliminates the physical criteria previously considered when screening employees.

At Handtruckstogo, you’ll find a wide range of electric tuggers and you can be sure to find the perfect one for your application!


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