Wesco Spartan III Convertible Hand Truck

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    Wesco Spartan III Convertible Hand Truck
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     Wesco 3 Position Hand Truck

    The Spartan III Convertible Hand Truck places you in even more control of how you move what you need to move. This convertible hand truck offers 3 positions: vertical 2-wheel, 45-degree, and 4-wheel. When your Spartan III is a 2-wheel vertical hand truck, you can carry up to 500 lbs.

    As a 2 wheel and 45-degree hand truck the Spartan III can also carry up to 500 lbs. And, if you want to use your Spartan III as a platform truck, it will be able to carry up to 750 lbs.

    Either way you use it, this means your body will not feel as much stress from heaving moving. Its easy latching system makes the switch between vertical, 45-degree, and 4-wheel smooth and easy.

    You will love moving with this convertible hand truck that comes at a low price with a high value. It’s made with aluminum and has an 18” nose plate that makes moving large items easier than ever.

    Other Features:

    • Aluminum Construction
    • 3 Positions: Vertical - 2 wheel, 45 Degree - 4 wheel, Platform - 4 wheel
    • 18" x 7.5" cast aluminum noseplate
    • 7.5" W x 27" L recessed folding nose extension
    • Handle Height 48"
    • 10" full pnuematic wheel
    • 5" x 1.25" swivel casters
    • Ships KD/boxed
    • Weight 42 lbs.
    • Capacity Vertical 2 wheel 500 lbs.
    • Capacity 45° 4 wheel 500 lbs.
    • Capacity 4 Wheel platform 750 lbs.
    • Overall 21.5”W x 52” H
    • Bed Frame 12”W x 51”L

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    17 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
    Jun 1, 2021
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Great product. Love how light it is.
    Mar 18, 2019
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Thank you for the wonderful hand truck. Everything went well from the ordering process and shipping of the product.

    Advantages: Easy to put together.
    Nov 28, 2018
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Handtrucks2go is a pleasure to work with and this item is great.
    Jul 10, 2018
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Great customer service, they can always provide me with what I need
    Oct 22, 2017
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Well made. Went together Great.
    Sep 6, 2016
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    assembly instructions could have a little clearer

    Advantages: Great to have a cart with the flexibility and capacity. Well constructed

    Disadvantages: Small items can fall through when using as a platform truck, so we modified with a hinged aluminum plated 18" wide.
    May 30, 2016
    Recently purchased and I love it
    Has made my job so much easier and some of my coworkers have either purchased or planning on purchasing same model

    Advantages: For what I do for work it saves time and also saves my back !

    Disadvantages: I haven't come across one
    I had a friend who bought this same hand truck on a different site for $300. When I saw it on Handtrucks2go for under $250 I was a bit skeptical. I thought they might be selling a cheap knock off or something. But when I got it, it was the exact same as my friends. It arrived in 8 days, not bad, and I am already saving my back using it!
    LOs Angeles, CA
    I Neeed A Hand Truck To Move Reams Of Paper And I Was On A Tight Budget. This Turned Out To Be Perfect.
    My primary reasons for choosing this cart were the bed frame length and Overall height. I handle all types of cargo and work out of a van, so it was important to me to stand the cart up to save space. The bed length makes it easier to carry more in one trip, most of the ones short enough to stand up in a van only had 37 inch beds. The nose extension was a bonus, and the casters were a higher quality than I expected. I looked at a lot of hand trucks and don't think I could of found a more versatile or affordable truck anywhere else.
    Easy quick assembly, quality materials and engineering, and best price on the web. What's not to like?
    This handtruck is wobbly, crooked, poorly designed and cheap. Wobbly? The big wheels aren't tight on the axle and the cart-mode floor is loose on its hinges. Crooked? The cart-mode floor that lays down flat in cart mode scrapes against the uprights on the way down, making it hard to seat. Poorly designed? The small wheels don't slide neatly into place when putting it back in upright mode. You have to turn both of them together simultaneously - you need three feet instead of two - while holding the frame handle so they slide over the axle easily. Cheap? Instead of a latch to lock it in the upright position there's what amounts to a bent bolt.

    Spend the extra money and get a magliner instead.
    Fine unit. I wasn't clear that I had to assemble it .. but it went together well with more common sense that instruction sheet. Works well, only downside is that the small wheels and their support really does not secure firmly when not in use. I just used a bungee cord to stop the rattling.
    Great value for the money. I use it primarily to move cabinets and found it works great with the extension. The instructions were a little challenging. A video would be helpful.
    First off, the instructions provided are very poor. It did not even include a bit about installing the "folding nose". Never mind the instructions, the product is very difficult to assemble and caused me an hour and a half of frustration.

    The "spring pins" (roll pins) provided are too big for the holes. And why were these not inserted at the factory anyway?. One of them broke off while trying to install it!

    There was corrosion right out of the box on one end of the handle.

    The "folding nose" is just a cheap piece of bent aluminum with highly inadequate mounting and use hardware.

    The wheels had to be "beat" onto the axle.

    And the handle flops back and forth because of a cheap bent bolt hold down they use!

    For $250 I am extremely dissatisfied with this product. It's something you should find for $100 at Harbor Freight, not being sold for professional quality use.
    The Spartan III is a sturdy well constructed piece of equipment. It and all of its parts should last for many years even with rough treatment. Now the instructions: #1 should be about 5 steps to clarify the order and processes. One should be prepared to have several tools on hand one being a hammer and another a rubber mallet. The rest of the steps were clear but the spring pin did not easily go into the hole it was designed for. We started it with a hammer then put a finish nail inside it and pounded it in the rest of the way (leaving the nail in of course). It was a frustrating process, especially the site saying 'easy instructions were provided by the manufacturer' and no other instructions could be found. Back to the hand truck, it is easy to switch to the different positions once you get the hang of how they each work. We bought ours to traverse large areas of very rough uneven ground, the tube tires work far better than our poor old one position dolly with hard rubber tires. We like the middle position of the Spartan III best, it makes life so much easier as it will carry large loads across the uneven wilderness terrain.
    GREAT cart, once it is put together, really like all it's features. Now... the only complaint I have is the instructions. Not enough detail information to what you received, no information on what you will need to put the cart together, the diagram to where every thing goes and what goes where was TERRIABLE!!! I concur with last review that the spring pin was hard to put in. These two things made putting the cart together a big hassle, but.... the cart is worth it.
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