Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck

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    Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck
    Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail Steprider 1800 Stairclimbing Hand Truck thumbnail


    The Steprider stair climber 1800 is a powered hand truck designed for carrying loads up to 3000 lbsup and down stairs.

    These used to be available with an 1800lb capacity but the new upgraded model comes standard with a whopping 3000lb capacity!

    Please note: This product can take up from 1-2 months till it ships.

    With the simple click of a button, it climbs on 2 polyurethane, non marking tread tracks in the same fashion that a tank moves. 

    The Step Rider can accommodate both tall items such as vending machines and gun safes as well as shorter items like wood stoves, batteries, servers and copy machines. 

    The included quad wheels, when extended downward from the main frame will act like a standard hand truck and roll on 4 wheels carrying the load without any effort needed from the operator. It is especially designed to not damage your customer's stairs, floors, or carpet.

    The Steprider Hand Truck will climb approximately 9 steps a minute.

    It has benefits that all standard stair climbers simply do not have:

    • Operates as as stair climber as well as a horizontal mover

    • Safety of controlling with a remote

    • AC and DC powered

    For more info about how this unique hand truck operates have a look at the complete manual.

    What's included:

    1) Powered track tread hand truck

    2) Safe Extension Rack - 72" height, extends to 79" - Designed for
    extra-tall items (shown on right - the smaller image
    shows the unit without the extension frame)

     3) Quad wheels

    4) Battery and charger

    5) Ratchet and safety strap

    6) 9 wheel swivel dolly

    7) Remote control tethered cable

    Optional Accessories:

    1) Big wheel attachment

    2) Landing steps for tight turns

    3) Portable steps

    Please click on the Accessories tab above for more details on the optional accessories.

           Specs For Sterider 1800

    • Base unit weight 148 lbs.
    • Base unit size 42”H x 25” W x 14” D.
    • Base unit size 80”H x 25” W x 14” D. with handle extended.
    • Power supply AC115v. DC12v.with two18 amp. Batteries.
    • Gear box - continuous duty worm gear.
    • Motor continuous duty ½ horse.
    • Tread dimensions 84”x 4”x 1.5”
    • Tread material one piece polyurethane & Kevlar.
    • Mainframe material one - piece cast aluminum.
    • Load spreads on stairs over 3 to 4 steps with 6 contact points
    • Heavy-duty steel toe plate.
    • Heavy- duty cast aluminum front support.
    • Heavy- duty 6’’ transport wheels.
    • Heavy - duty steel handle (Not Designed for break back).


    Features of the Included Safe Rack:

    • Built on Easy Release Ratchet Strap: For faster, easier and safer securement of the load. Helps
    eliminate damage to the load or customers location because there is no slide buckle or hook to do
    damage and no more loosing the ratchet and strap.
    • Side Winder strap storage: For storing the strap on the Step-Rider as shown.
    • Thick custom molded Non-Marking vertical padding: For better protection for the item being moved.
    Multiple Position Handle: Helps pushing, pulling, turning and braking over and setting down theload due to increase of leverage.
    • Upper Horizontal Handle: For maneuvering in tighter locations.
    • Stronger by: Replacing old Handle, Front Support, Toe Plate and Quad Receivers with stronger one
    piece design.
    • Removable Handle for: Moving horizontal loads like commercial safes, copy machines etc.
    • Height Extenders for: Increasing the height of the Rack from 72” to 79”.
    • Easy Retrofit: Bolts on to main frame of Step-Rider.
    • Powder coated finish: For better look and longer lasting finish.



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    Jun 25, 2019
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Best high capacity (>2000lbs) stair climber I could find and I did a lot of research.

    Advantages: relatively simple to use, great design, does not damage stairs

    Disadvantages: There was an issue with the inverter and charging system, this was a manufacturing issue. Hand Trucks 2 Go worked with me and got the parts replaced, so in my book they get the fifth star.
    Jan 4, 2016
    Quick response & shipment of order. Thanks for your help.

    Advantages: Received unit quickly and in perfect shape.
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Item - 3000-ACDC
Our price - $9779.99
Our price - $9779.99
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