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Platform Trucks

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2-Shelf Folding & Compact Platform Cart
Item: X-Truk

Multi-purpose Cart with 165lb Capacity
Includes Folding carton!

Our price: $299.99

Airline Luggage Platform Flatbed Trucks
Item: PT-2436S-165-165-850-C-310

Available in 9 Sizes

Our price: $1025.99

Build Your Own Magliner Platform Truck
Item: Customizable Platform Truck

10 Sizes Available - 3 Wheel Choices - 2 Deck Finishes

Our price: $458.99

Build Your Own Wesco Aluminum Tread Platform Truck
Item: Wesco Aluminum Tread Truck

4 Sizes Available
4 Wheel Choices

Our price: $509.99

Convertible 4-in-1 Steel Hand Truck with 10" Rubber Wheels
Item: DTC8635P

800 lbs Weight Capacity
Easily Converts Into 4 Different Positions

Our price: $436.99

Dance Floor Platform Cart - 38" x 38"
Item: 67012

38" x 38"
660lb Capacity

Our price: $524.99

Deluxe Folding Handle Platform Truck
Item: 272263

660-lb capacity

Handle locks at 4 operating heights

Our price: $279.99

Design Your Own BP Liberator Platform Truck
Item: PT Series Platform

9 Sizes - 4 Handles - 3 Deck Finishes, Available

Our price: $559.99

Fold-Up Aluminum Platform Truck
Item: Vestil FAPT-1628

300 lb Capacity
16" x 20"-28"

Our price: $137.99

Heavy Duty Double Handle Plastic Platform Trucks
Item: PPT-2-42

Available in 2 different weight capacities!

Our price: $675.99

Heavy Duty Single Handle Plastic Platform Trucks
Item: PPT-2-41

Available in 2 different weight capacities!

Our price: $638.99

Magliner Foldable Merchandising Truck
Item: MT-TA

750 lb Capacity
Fits In Car Trunk!

Our price: $463.99




NO TAX (except in NJ)



 Are you looking for a reliable platform truck for your home or business?  Well, look no further.  You’ve found it on Handtrucks2go.com.

 A well-built platform truck can:

  • Eliminate pressure on your back due to heavy lifting;
  • Help prevent injury to hands, wrists, arms while loading and unloading;
  • Speed up transport time from one part of your business to the other, from one building to the other;
  • Be versatile and reliable for everyday tasks around the home or around the business.

 At Handtrucks2go, you will find:

  • A 12 Gauge Steel Platform truck
  • An Aluminum Platform Truck with 2 Folding Handles
  • A Folding Handle Platform Cart  with a 330 lb capacity
  • Heavy Duty Platform Truck & Panel Sheet Mover with two or four uprights, 3200 lbs capacity
  • An Aluminum Tread Platform Truck by choosing the parts that build the platform truck you need.
  • Mini Platform Trucks made of heavy duty 14 gauge steel, 850 lbs capacity
  • Tele-folding Aluminum Platform Truck, easy to store and easy to use
  • U-boat Platform Trucks
  • Along with several other models to fit your specific needs for your business or your home.


     Easily convertible,

          Always user-friendly,

               Can be custom designed,

                     Are made of steel, aluminum, poly or wood,

                              with the kind of great characteristics you expect from Handtrucks2go.com!

 Handtrucks2go features a great selection of hand carts available at great discounted online prices.  All of our hand trucks are economical, good quality, and are designed to be user-friendly so anyone can use them!

 If you are unsure of your exact needs or what the best hand cart is right for you or your business, our knowledgeable staff at Handtrucks2go has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in your selection. Handtrucks2go is the best choice for all your equipment needs. 

 Whether you need a hand truck for your business or for your home, Handtrucks 2go.com will have one to fit your need.   Lightweight or heavy duty hand trucks, platform carts or convertibles or a compact that folds easily for storage – we can supply you with the right hand cart that is the perfect solution for your warehouse, business, store or home.

 As with all hand trucks from Handtrucks2go, please use caution around children.  These hand trucks are meant for adult use only.  They are not a toy or should be used as a toy.

A good platform hand truck is easy on your back, arms, hands, wrists—and our handtrucks are always good! Folding, convertible, user-friendly designed, steel or wood—they all come with the kind of great characteristics you expect from Handtrucks2go.com!

See all of our quality trucks that we offer. You might be interested in our u-boat platform trucks as well. We have all of your moving needs covered.

Best assortment of platform trucks at Handtrucks2go.com


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