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1 Cubic Yard Black Tilt Cart
Item: 272581

3 Models
850lb - 1250lb - 2100lb Capacity

Our price: $773.99

1/2 Cubic Yard Black Tilt Cart
Item: 272575

3 Models
450lb - 850lb - 1400lb Capacity

Our price: $629.99

12 Bushel 96 Gal. Plastic Box Cart
Item: 272513

5 colors Standard or Pneumatic Casters

Our price: $449.99

16 Bushel 128 Gal. Plastic Box Cart
Item: 272518

5 colors Standard or Pneumatic Casters

Our price: $599.99

20 Bushel 160 Gal. Plastic Box Cart
Item: 272523

5 colors Standard or Pneumatic Casters

Our price: $595.99

4 Bushel 32 Gal. Plastic Box Cart
Item: 272503

5 colors Standard or Pneumatic Casters

Our price: $276.99

8 Bushel 64 Gal. Plastic Box Cart
Item: 272508

5 colors Standard or Pneumatic Casters

Our price: $405.99

Compact Cleaning Cart
Item: Rubbermaid 9T77

Cute little cart, Perfect for small hotels!

List Price: $849.99 save 24%
Our price: $649.99

Economy Cleaning Cart
Item: Rubbermaid 6173-88

Comes with Zippered Yellow Vinyl Bag!

Our price: $259.99

Hospitality Housekeeping Cart
Item: HT 400130 Rubbermaid 6190

Perfect for large upscale hotels!
     Comes in 2 sizes.

Our price: $849.99

Housekeeping Cart with Doors
Item: Rubbermaid-6192

2 sizes available
Great choice, very practical!

Our price: $1049.99

Multipurpose Housekeeping Cart
Item: XDXP01

1,000 lbs Capacity with Black Textured Bag

Our price: $249.99

We have cleaning carts for all you housekeeping needs! Our maintenance carts will cut down on your janitorcleaning time, because they will have room for everything you will need on-board! So whether you are maintaining a office building or hotel come have a look at our broad selection of janitor carts that will suit all of your needs.





 Is it time to clean?  Do you have a cleaning staff that needs a reliable clean cart to help make their job easier and more efficient?   When their job is easier and more efficient, it saves the company money.  We’re all looking to save money!  Handtrucks2go.com has that exact cart!  A good cleaning cart is a great investment that can be durable and long lasting.

 The janitor carts sold on this website are from Luxor, which comes with a lifetime warranty, and Rubbermaid, a company that is a household name.  There are three shelf models, four shelf models, a big three shelf model, a compact model, an economy cleaning cart and heavy duty cleaning cart.

 The Three (3) Shelf Janitor Cart is made of lightweight polyethylene resin.  The lightweight resin makes the cart easy to move, flexible and stable during use.  Features of this janitor cart are:

  • Two shelves, top, recessed, holds supplies
  • Nylon bag holds trash bags for easy filling and emptying
  • Snap rings hold mops and brooms
  • Large bottom platform for the mop bucket
  • Eight (8) inch wheels
  • Caster bumpers

These are excellent for schools, businesses, offices, stores, just about any building that has a janitorial staff.

 The heavy duty models are designed for use at hotels and motels, which require daily use for the housekeeping needs/staff.   There is a model without doors and a model with doors.  Both are very practical for the large upscale hotel and come in two sizes.  Features of these are:

  • Complete system;
  • Commercial grade; molded construction; eight (8) inch wheels; lock; non-marking; 
  • Cabinet is full size
  • Vinyl bag, bumpers; holds vacuum cleaner
  • Two sizes, compact, full size.

The heavy duty model janitor cart is great for housekeeping in the hospitality industry.

Are you looking for a cleaning cart and cannot decide which model is best for your business?  Just give us a call at our Customer Service desk.  We have experienced associates that are eager to answer your questions and help you make a decision.  It’s easy to have just the right cleaning cart you need on the way to you!

Handtrucks2go.com has a good selection of modern, sturdy, cleaning carts that will be an excellent investment.  Maybe it is time to upgrade to a larger cart.  We can help with that problem, too. 

The smaller carts are more economical and are great for maneuvering in small spaces.  The heavy duty models are the best for loading up with towels, cleaning supplies, and other equipment to keep the employee from going to and from the laundry, front desk, or supply closet.  All of these are things to take into consideration when you are looking for a cleaning cart.  Maybe you are shopping for a cleaning cart for a school?  We can help you pick out the right one that will last for years, be stable and safe to have around students.

 Efficiency is money.  Efficiency is the key to cleaning.  The right cleaning cart is the key to efficiency. 

Handtrucks2go is the best place to get your

Discounted Janitor Cart or Cleaning Carts!


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