Escalera Step Detection Safety System

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    Escalera Step Detection Safety System

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    The New Escalera 's Step Edge Detection System was designed as an extra safety precaution to work with the Staircat hand trucks. It indicates to the operator when the hand truck is in the correct position to ascend or descend the steps.

    Using this safety system is easy. For Descending, simply activate the system with your foot by pressing on the release lever on each detector. As the operator rolls the unit forward towards the edge of the step, the edge detectors indicate the proper the proper position for descent by placing the foot down on the step and stopping the machine from moving forward. Do not attempt to force the Staircat past the point indicated by the detectors.

     Once the edge of the step is detected the Staircat can be activated to descend the step. The Detector will indicate the edge of very step. When you reach the bottom of the stairs retract the detectors by pressing down on the cam with your foot. Standing the Staircat upright will also retract the Edge Detectors.

     The Step Edge Detection System can also be used in the same manner when ascending stairs to help prevent the unit from rolling forward as it steps down on the step.

     The Detection System is recommended for moving heavy bulky items such as safes, etc.. Works with standard Escalera as well as the forklift model.

    You can access the installation instructions here.


    Please Note: There are 2 models: For hand trucks ordered after 4/6/14 you can use model 1443 as you will not need a retrofit toeplate. For hand trucks ordered before 4/6/14 you will need model 1434 which will include a retrofit toeplate (and mounting hardware) which you will need in order for the step detection system to work.

    The optional extended toeplate-if you have that already, will fit over this new toeplate. Installation instructions will be included with retrofit Step Detection Kit.

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Our price - $399.99
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