Electric Powered Scaffold - 60" High

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    Electric Powered Scaffold - 60" High


    This 500 lbs capacity Electric Powered Scaffold is capable of adjusting its height from 24” up to 60” high off the ground giving you plenty of room to work with. This allows for easy access to standard 8′ ceilings. Its design incorporates features of a scaffold and an electric drive train all in one product making it the ultimate equipment for any material handling application you’ll ever need. Keep in mind that this only features a power drive not power lift.

    It is the ideal work platform for electricians, maintenance and safety personnel, painters, construction workers, engineers and other employees that require safe, efficient and stable platform to work with. It is made with high-quality tempered steel with a powder coated finish manufactured to last you a lifetime. The size of this particular model is suitable for a wide range of jobs done in schools, construction, office buildings, warehouses and more.

    Using this Motorized Scaffold enhances productivity, work efficiency and most importantly safety since it reduces the wasted effort of moving the devices and continual climbing up and down and even comes complete with guardrails intended for providing the workers with a safe working area unlike a standard ladder.

    The Electric Powered Scaffold’s ergonomic and simplistic design provides numerous advantages compared to an engine driven scissor lift. It comes with heavy duty drive wheels and casters that contributes to its exceptional maneuverability even on rough terrains and surfaces allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is environmentally friendly as it produces zero emissions and makes virtually no sound when it’s on.

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    Other Features:

    • Powerful electric motor driven by two 24V hub motors, one on each wheel. Each motor is rated at 6,000 hrs of use.
    • Manpower is enhanced over stepladders and standard scaffold in many cases by reducing the time wasted by moving devices and climbing up and down.
    • Integrated brake system with an auto-locking mechanism which triggers when the scaffold’s throttle is turned off.
    • Powered by two 12V sealed AGM 35 Amp-Hour batteries power the unit. AGM batteries feature the latest in battery technology and provide exceptional life lasting you up 2 to 3 days of regular use.
    • Includes a fast and efficient on board charger and can easily be charged via the built in electric inlet. Simply plug it into a 110V wall outlet.
    • Equipped with an integrated lock-out switch which ensures proper use by qualified individuals and also adds to the security of the unit at the job site.
    • Industry standard Anderson Power Products connectors are used to ensure secure electrical connections with quick disconnect capabilities
    • Complete guard rails are provided and open at both ends for easy boarding access.
    • Custom joystick steering has adjustable speed control. In addition, soft start/stop are provided for safer operation. The joystick also includes built in error lights for quick and easy trouble shooting.
    • Adjustable g-pin and snap pin technology secures the arm braces on the power snappy.
    • Made in the USA
    • Removable extensions and outriggers
    • Gear box is enclosed for safety and protection
    • Powder coated exterior frame for added durability and resistance
    • Comes with heavy duty 8″ Drive Wheels paired with 5″ Swivel Casters on outrigger
    • Includes a 1 year warranty on Powertrain & Electronics and an outstanding 3 year warranty on Scaffold & Chassis


      • Load Capacity: 500 lbs
      • Scaffold Size (Width x Length): 31″ W x 60″ L
      • Adjustable Height: 24”-60”H (adjustable every 2”)
      • Weight: 300 lbs

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    Are the battery packs removable? 

    Yes, the battery pack on the Power Snappy is removable. It is a quick release system that does not require tools.

    Is this OSHA approved?

    the Electric Powered Scaffold meets required OSHA Standards for every state apart from California. The list of standards is as follows:

    1. Scaffold casters and wheels shall be locked with positive wheel and/or wheel and swivel locks, or equivalent means, to prevent movement of the scaffold while the scaffold is used in a stationary manner. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(2)
    2. The surface on which the scaffold is being moved is within 3 degrees of level, and free of pits, holes, and obstructions. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(6)(i)
    3. The height to base width ratio of the scaffold during movement is two to one or less, unless the scaffold is designed and constructed to meet or exceed nationally recognized stability test requirements. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(6)(ii)
    4. When power systems are used, the propelling force is applied directly to the wheels, and does not produce a speed in excess of 1 foot per second (.3mps). - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(6)(iv)
    5. No employee is on any part of the scaffold which extends outward beyond the wheels, casters, or other supports. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(6)(v)
    6. Platforms shall not extend outward beyond the base supports of the scaffold unless outrigger frames or equivalent devices are used to ensure stability. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(7)
    7. Before a scaffold is moved, each employee on the scaffold shall be made aware of the move. - 29 CFR 1926.452(w)(10)

    How do you assemble it?

    The Electric Powered Scaffold will ship in a wood crate, and will require some assembly. It has a very simple design and is quite easy to assemble by following these simple steps:

    1. Remove all the shipping components and set base unit on a level surface.
    2. Rotate both ladders up to a vertical position so arm braces can be added. Pull back the G-pins on the arm brace and engage the “U” channel over the frame leg. Then release the G-pin and slide the arm brace up or down on the frame leg until the pin snaps into a hole. Repeat for the other arm brace. Make sure both arm braces are positioned at the same level. Be sure the platform hold down devices are turned out of the way.
    3. Lay platform onto the two arm braces making sure the holes in platform line up pins on the arm braces. Turn the platform hold down devices so that they “trap” the platform onto the braces.
    4. For additional security insert 2”snap pins through the “U” channel and frames after the platform height has been properly set.

    As for the Guardrail Installation:

    1. Insert the 4 bottom guard rail posts into the square sockets on the arm braces and pin in place with the hinge pins. Next, insert the side guard rails into the guard rail posts and insert bolts to secure in place. Note location of the joystick controller guard panel.
    2. And finally route the power cords to their designated places.
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Our price - $3499.99
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