Electric Pallet Tilter Lift

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    Electric Pallet Tilter Lift
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    The Vestil Electric Tilt Master will allow you to lift and position filled tote boxes or baskets without the need of a fork truck or lift table using the newly designed heavy-duty Tilt Master. These 90° tilters will function as a transporter by moving completed products from work station to work station without waiting for a fork truck.

    A folding ergonomic handle has dual steering grips for quick and easy maneuverability. Unit has a thin profile to allow the user to get as close to the load as possible. These units are equipped with a floor lock.

    DC units are powered with a 12V DC electric motor with an on-board battery charger standard. AC units are plug n go.

    For more details have a look at the complete manual.

    Please Note: This unit does not include power drive, only power tilt. If you need power drive as well, please contact us.

    • Tilts products from ground level to a comfortable operator working height
    • Doubles as a pallet truck and a portable tilt table
    • DC powered lifting mechanism for efficiency
    • Tilt Masters, series TM, are to be used with open bottom pallets or skids only.
    • 4 models available - Varying weight capacity and tilt times (see charts below)

      Model # Tilt Time
      TM-20-DC 12 seconds
      TM-20-AC 30 seconds
      TM-40-DC 20 seconds
      TM-40-AC 47 seconds


    Tilt Master
    Model PDF's Capacity (lbs) Fork Adjustment Operator Reach Fork Width Description Net Weight (lbs)
    TM-20-DC/TM-20-AC 2,000 Fixed at 26" (OD) 10-1/2" 6" Non-Straddle 715
    TM-40-DC/TM-40-AC 4,000 Fixed at 26" (OD) 10-1/2" 6" Non-Straddle 770

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Item - TM-20-DC
Our price - $4599.99
Our price - $4599.99
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