Electric Hand Truck with Single Tires and Tent Pole Pusher

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    Electric Hand Truck with Single Tires and Tent Pole Pusher


    This Motorized Hand Truck with a tent pole pusher is built for pushing up large tent poles of up to 1,000 lbs. This is ideal for setting up tents or camps for special events done indoors or outdoors. Not only that, the toeplate attachment is detachable and can be swapped with 3 more toeplates which makes it a great product for addressing different applications with a single hand truck. It also comes with 3 different wheel types of your choice that are all great in any terrain and surfaces.

    The user can also operate the hand truck manually by disengaging propulsion mode which basically reverts it back to free-wheel mode. Another great thing about this product is its flexibility to adjust its height position due to its reclining rear swivel wheel. This not only adds stability but also makes it easier to store the hand truck. If you want to use the electric hand truck longer, there is an extra battery box option that enables you to use it all day long.

    Other Features:

    • Rear wheel can be stowed when not in use saving you space
    • The fully enclosed drive system is lubricated for life and requires no maintenance
    • Has (4) four adjustable height positions (see specs for more details)
    • Smart charger for easy and quick recharging (for use with 110v domestic outlets)
    • Manual Park Brake release allows operator to push machine manually
    • Removable battery box can be charged on or off the truck. Optional extra battery box allows the user to use the hand trucks continuously why the other battery box is charging.
    • Push-too-fast safety prevents runaway situation even when park brake has been manually released.
    • A patented quick-attach feature allows the user to change or remove attachments without the use of tools. This also ensures that the attachment is firmly secured in place.
    • Propulsion system provides regenerative braking that slows down load when operator reduces throttle input – even on ramps
    • Speed switch that can be changed to low or high speed
    • An open differential transaxle provides tight turn radius in both propulsion and free-wheel modes

    Also Available:


    • Maximum Load Capacity: 3,500 lbs as tugger, 1,000 lbs on hand truck itself
    • Front Plate Dimension: 21-1/2" wide x 4" deep
    • Weight: 212 lbs
    • Forward and Reverse Speed: 0-4.3 mph variable
    • Voltage: 36V DC
    • Battery Life: Lasts up to 2 hours if continuously used and 8 hours or more when used intermittently
    • Recharge Time: Can fully recharge in 6 hours

    Options Include:

    • 10' long x 2" wide ratchet strap
    • Spare battery Box complete with three 12V batteries
    • 21-1/2" wide x 10" deep Flat toeplate
    • 23" wide x 6" deep Cylinder toeplate
    • 10" long x 18" wide Trailer hitch


    1) Unit comes standard with 36V propulsion system, 800w motor, 36V battery box assembly, AC charger

    2) Ergonomic thumb throttle moves forward/reverse without changing gears

    3) Park brake automatically engages when throttle position is zero, locking machine in place

    4) Auto return to zero from forward or reverse will slow down and stop the unit if contact with throttle is lost.

    5) Ships assembled only

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Item - MHT75AC
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Our price - $3796.99
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