Statistics: 2019 Workplace Injury Causes

According to the Liberty Mutual Index 2019 release, overexertion is the top cause of most serious injuries in the US workplace. These are injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing had cost businesses 13.11 billion US dollars and rated 23.65%.

The 2019 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index is also the first to report the causes and costs of the most serious workplace injuries for eight specific industries that account for a high proportion of all workplace injuries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Professional Services, Retail, Wholesale, Transportation & Warehousing, Leisure & Hospitality.

Overexertion ranked first in five out of 8 industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Transport &Warehousing, Wholesale. That brought it to rank one in all 8 industries. Injury causes include:

Cause of Injury Cost(billions) Percentage
Falls on same level $10.38 18.72%
Struck by object or equipment $5.22 9.42%
Falls to lower level $4.98 8.99%
Other exertions or bodily reactions $3.69 6.65%
Roadway incidents involving motorized vehicle $2.70 4.88%
Slip or trip without falling $2.18 3.93%
Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects $1.93 3.48%
Repetitive motions involving microtasks $1.59 2.87%
Struck against object or equipment $1.15 2.07%


Top Five Causes of Workplace Injuries by Industry





Professional Services



Transportation and Warehousing

Leisure & Hospitality

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