Handtrucks2go is offering the famous Rock n Roller Cart® that now features the updated NO FLAT WHEELS!

The RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® is:
• Easy to use; adults only, please
• Flexible, folds easily
• Strong, for heavy loads
• Lightweight, easy to carry or store
• Reduces time and physical effort
• Steel tube frames
• Textured finish to resist load slippage
The patented design transforms into eight (8) different cart configurations to fit many equipment sizes or shapes. This one multi-cart can take the place of eight (8) different carts. Do you need a hand truck that is versatile? This is the mover for you! Multi-Carts can quickly move large amounts of gear then fold small for easy compact storage. Click on the details page to find out how versatile this cart is! It’s amazing!

Musicians and DJs use these carts to transport their equipment but have been recently used by many other types of professionals as a great car for a multitude of uses! Multi-Carts are perfect for moving large items because each has a 350 lbs. capacity to a maximum of 500 lbs. capacity. Do you have large speakers, lights, machinery, sports equipment, large pieces of medical equipment, and a wide variety of other items too heavy for a person or people to move? You’ve come to the right place for the RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® that fits every need you have to move that equipment!

Check out the Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo that has three (3) flexible positions. It only weighs twenty three (23) pounds but has a huge capacity of five hundred (500) pounds! Plus the sale price is reduced by 25%! You can save $100.00 if you order today! Who isn’t looking for a bargain in this economy? Everyone!

Do you have the old Rock N Roller Carts? Do the wheels go flat and need replacing? Now you can buy the updated NO FLAT replacement tires right here on These replacement tires available for ordering are:
• Rear Wheel for R6 and R8 8″ x 2″
• Rear Wheel for R10 Rock N Roller and R12 10″ x 3″
• Front Wheel for R12 8″ x 2.5″
• Front Caster Assembly for R12

Please note that the price listed is for a single wheel. If you need a set of two (2) wheels, please mark the quantity needed as two (2). Yes, FREE SHIPPING for both wheels! The item number for replacement wheels is R8WHL-RT/0. Still not sure which wheel to order? Just call our Customer Service number. We can help you pick just the right wheel for your older cart! Are you ready to upgrade to a new cart? We can help with that, too!

Other accessories available are flex straps, solid decks, upper shelf, carpeted decks, stage wedges and bungees.
Handtrucks2go has everything you need to expand your Multi-Cart to make it the perfect piece of equipment to move the items you have at home or at your business.

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