Safely Using Electric Hand Trucks

For people who have trouble using manual hand trucks, there are electric versions that make lifting heavy loads easier and safer. These motorized hand trucks are also convenient to use and are able to negotiate tight spaces, as well as, ascend and descend flights of stairs.
Each model of electric hand truck has its own unique way of operating. But, there are common processes that can be followed for safe operation of the electric hand truck.

1. First of all, you need to check the battery and see if it is fully charged. Imagine loading a hand cart only to find out that the battery is dead. Also check the battery terminals and ensure that they are properly and securely connected. Ensure that there is no trace of leakage from the battery. Replace the battery if there is any sign of leakage as it is dangerous to use a damaged battery.
2. Run a test before loading the hand truck. This will show you if it is properly functioning. Manipulate it so that you can check the carts weight and balance. Try making it turn right and left just to check if there are any problems with the wheels.
3. Check the wheels and make sure that they have ample tire pressure. Under-inflated wheels can cause cargo to tip over and will make the cart difficult to handle.
4. Load the hand truck. Make sure that the heavier loads are at the bottom of the cart and that the weight distribution is balanced on all sides. Use the straps to secure the load in place.
5. Take the hand truck to where the cargo is to be set down on. You can try wiggling the cart to place it in a tight location or if you need it to be set against the wall.
6. To take cargo up a flight of stairs, you need to place the dollie against the first step of the stair. You then need to stand a step above the electric hand truck. Check that the cargo on the cart is secure and balanced.
7. Turn the electric hand truck on. Pull the hand truck towards you until the wheels begin to naturally ascend the stairs. Make sure that you climb one step at a time.
8. To descend the stairs, you need to keep the electric hand truck somewhere between 3-6 inches from the edge of the stairs.
9. Turn the electric hand truck on. Once the wheels move upright, the wheels will then engage and move the edge of the first step. Descend one stair step at a time.
10. The moment the cargo has reached its destination, turn off the electric hand truck and remove the straps. You can now unload the items safely.

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