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Press Releases

 August 6, 2012

 Hand Truck Site is First to Offer Easy Made-to-Order Bellman Carts

Handtrucks2Go, a leader in moving equipment sales online, is proud to announce its newly expanded product line. Custom easy online ordering of bellman carts, like never before offered for sale online, are now available at Handtrucks2Go.com.

 “The design of the cart is completely up to the buyer; an offer that no other bellman cart store will provide,” said Hal, owner and founder of Handtrucks2Go.com. “We recognize that running a hotel chain is like running any other business, where making sure that your brand has a quality visual consistency is important.”

 Building a custom cart on Handtrucks2go.com is easy, and allows choices of size, number of wheels, tubing finish, carpet color, trim color, bumper/wheel color, and optional accessories. All with clear pictures and the option to select your choices right next to the selected part.

 “Our designs can match any style: modern or contemporary, 5-star or efficiency, and even traditional or themed,” said Hal. “Every dimension needed to coordinate your bellman cart with your business - color scheme, accessories and finishes – can all be customized. Currently, this is exclusively available at Handtrucks2go.com!”

 To order a custom bellman cart for your business or hotel chain, design your cart online at: https://handtrucks2go.com/Custom-Design-Bell-Man-Carts/ or call Handtrucks2Go customer service: contact information provided at the end of the article.

 Handtrucks2Go also offers “Design Your Own” features for hand trucks, utility carts, and platform carts, through the Build Your Own section of their website. In addition to offering the most extensive custom-order moving equipment selection available, Handtrucks2Go also carries a wide variety of standard hand trucks, pallet jacks, dollies, lift trucks, platform carts, and more to make moving easier on any budget.

 “Our service is reliable, and our quality is guaranteed. That’s why our slogan is, Count on us to keep you rolling!” said Hal.

 For more information about Handtrucks2Go, contact Hal Fleisher via e-mail at haskel@handtrucks2go.com, or call the customer service line: (732) 276-7164 Sunday-Thursday 9-7 or  Friday 9-5 EST.

March 11, 2011

Handtrucks2Go Featured as Best X-Cart Site

Here at Handtrucks2go, our goal is to bring you a beautiful easily navigable website. We are honored to have been featured on X-Cart as an award winning website. See the full story here.

January 17, 2010

Hand Trucks 2Go Is Changing The Way Business Is Done On The Internet

by Harry Parver

Web Spending increases every year as is well known, actually a new study by Goldman Sachs predicts that worldwide web sales will reach almost 1 Trillion Dollars by the year 2013. This would represent a 12.4 % increase of web sales in the US alone over the next three years.

 Taking a deeper look at these spending habits, the web’s share of all retail sales grew from a little under 3 % in 2006 to a little under 4 % in 2009. To be perfectly honest some industries are less prone to web sales while others are more prone to take place on the web.

 For example have you ever bought a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk on the web? I doubt it. In general food products are not the highest seller via the internet because of the merry fact that you want and need it right away. Another factor is that being that each food item for itself in not a high ticket item, most people are not interested in browsing the web to find the best deal for these food products.  This does not apply to specialty foods such as fancy chocolates and gourmet cookies, cheeses, meats, and similar item which have seen a proliferation of web sales.

 High ticket items such as electronics, where in general one does not need it right away and you can’t usually get it around the block from your house anyway, have a much higher selling rate on the internet, where people like to shop around and will wait till they find the best price.

 There is another category that we will call “hard to find items,” products which you will not find in your average mall or hardware store. Today we will focus on one such industry-material handling equipment, which really includes all kind of moving equipment that you would find in a home, business or warehouse. A simple hand truck would fall under this category, while a powered stacker lift truck would also be included.

 According to studies less than 5% of these sales are done online. Now while one can buy a simple hand truck in your local hardware store, anything more sophisticated than that, will not be found there, never mind a powered stacker. So the question that begs itself to be answered is, being that you would have to go to a specialized store to get these items, stores which you will not find on the average Main Street, USA, shouldn’t the percentage of web sales be much higher?

 After exhaustive research, I have come to the conclusion that these kinds of websites simply do not exist. To explain further, sure you can find specific sites that cater to a specific product, but where can you find a site that carries the full gamut of material handling equipment?  A site where you can actually find what you are looking for, and at the same time give you a good understanding of the product? I have found a small few that actually carry a nice variety of these equipments, but do they have phone support that know their products well and that can help you figure out what you need? NO! Remember we could be speaking about high ticket items that are very specific.

 All this has changed when Handtrucks2Go opened their online site in June of 2010. In the short time that their site has been open they have heard over and over again from their customers, “Where were you until now?” “I finally know where I can find all of my moving equipment” and similar comments. They present an easy to navigate website with many different categories, thorough product descriptions, and dozens of product videos. Add on top of that friendly, personable, and knowledgeable staff with discounted prices and you get a real winning combination!

 Do you have a warehouse, business, or moving company and are looking to replace or acquire new moving equipment? Check them out today at https://handtrucks2go.com/ .Whether you need a simple hand truck, a stacker, platform trucks, or a powered stair climber they have the product you need at a price that won’t be beat.






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