Custom Build Your Own Hand Truck Options

Have you been dreaming of your very own perfect hand truck? Do you own a business that needs extra help moving things around? Did you know that a hand truck is the new must have home accessory?

Then you’ve come to the right place, can help you design your very own hand truck to help make life a bit easier. Really! It’s simple and we offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and models for the new modern hand truck owner. It’s great for the business on the go! offers the very best prices on a Build Your Own Magliner Hand Truck. Plus FREE SHIPPING, always with! It’s a great deal in today’s economy! Everyone is trying to save money in this economy so FREE SHIPPING is a real money saver for the hand truck of your choice whether it is for personal or home use.

Just follow the Handtrucks2go easy five step plan listed below! Designing your own hand truck is easy with these steps:

First, choose a frame that works for your needs,
Second, choose a handle that goes with the frame,
Third, choose a nose plate that fits the frame and handle,
Fourth, choose your wheels; the number depends on the style of hand truck,
Lastly, add extra optional accessories that will complete the perfect hand truck!

That was easy! It’s time to take these steps and order your very own new hand truck!

You can always shop with confidence at! Because not all parts are compatible, the system is set up to prevent a combination of non-compatible parts. Scroll down this page to check for additional information and to select the hand truck that is the best fit for your home or business. There are many options available that will help make your life and work much easier. The proper hand truck can help eliminate stress and strain while moving items, such as boxes, merchandise, and other day to day items, from one place to another.

Magliner Hand Trucks start at a very low price of only $164.99 for the basic package. There are extra charges for upgrades and optional accessories, of course.

You will find the best prices on for the exact model you need in your home or in your business.

Please note these two facts about building you Handtrucks2go products:

• All items sold are shipped unassembled and require assembly upon arrival, instructions included.
• There is a 500 lb. capacity limit, which should be considered for safety and proper use of your hand truck

Just check off your choices as you scroll down the page and become the owner of the hand truck that will help meet the needs of the home or business! It’s that easy.

Please feel free to contact us through our website, We will be glad to assist you in answering questions that you might have in designing the hand truck that is just right for you, your home or your business. We’re here to help!

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