Wesco Pallet Leveler-Skid Positioner

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    Wesco Pallet Leveler-Skid Positioner
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    Wesco 272986 Pallet Positioner

    The Wesco Pallet Leveler is a great piece of equipment to compliment your warehouse. It will automatically lower as the pallet is loaded and raise as the skid is unloaded. Positions your cargo in the right place to avoid bending over in awkward positions. Also has a rotating ring which will allow you to easily rotate your pallet for easy unloading. Make sure to watch the video below!


    • The pallet leveler progressively lowers as pallet is loaded and raises as pallet is unloaded.
    • 3 Heavy duty calibrated springs used in combination according to desired load range.
    • Bearing supported carousel for easy turning.
    • Built in fork pockets for ease of transport.
    • Helps reduce fatigue and injury from bending and lifting.


    • Capacity: 4,500 lbs
    • Load size: 72"H x 50"W x 50"D
    • Compressed Height: 9.25"
    • Raised Height: 29"
    • Lowered Height: 9.25"
    • Carousel Diameter: 40.75"
    • Rotating Ring Diameter: 43.5"
    • Fork Pocket Dimensions: 39" L x 5.75" W
    • Frame Size: 45.5" L x 36" W
    • Shipping Container: Wooden Crate
    • Weight: 354 lbs


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Item - Wesco 272986
List Price: $2849.99
Our price - $1939.99
List Price: $2849.99
Our price - $1939.99
Wesco 272986
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