The Mule – 48 Inch Lift with Platform Stacker

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    The Mule – 48 Inch Lift with Platform Stacker


    the mule electric lift truck and stackerThis item has been replaced with the Magliner Liftplus, click here to view.

    The Mule 48” Standard Lift with Platform & 14 inch Chassis is the most popular choice in the Mule Family. It serves as a cross-functional lifter, stacker, transporter, work positioner, and portable workbench with built in vice, work blocks, and payload support tube. The 18" by 18" steel reinforced workbench platform uses repositionable works blocks to secure any load. The working vise expands an additional 10 inches. This Mule’s steel-framed platform lifts up to 350 lbs to 48" and has a unitweight of 174 lbs.

    A 12 volt battery screw-driven lift delivers a smooth precision that hydraulics or chains just can not match. From office to manufacturing, the applications are endless. The combination of the Mule’s ability to fit through doorways and narrow work aisles allows it to be used in diverse work environments ranging from office settings to heavy manufacturing production centers.

    The Mule’s screw drive column effortlessly lifts objects from 3½ inches to 48 inches and is powered by a 12 volt DC, 15 amp-hour rechargeable ACM battery. The battery can be recharged through any common 110 Volt AC outlet - much like a cellular phone. The back wheels have locking disc brakes which allow you to secure the product into place while loading and unloading material. The unit’s ability to safely fold allows for easy transportation via a car or delivery truck makes it a great piece of equipment for many industries where mobility is of importance.
    For more information on the Mule see the complete brochure here.

    Included Accessories:

    Remote -A 72” tether Pendant Remote is the ideal accessory for anyone that is using the product as a stationary tool. The remote allows operators to raise and lower attachments while sitting (or standing) at their work-station. The pendant remote comes standard with every unit.

    Mule Bag - Conveniently stores work blocks, vise handle, charger and pendant remote. The Mule Bag comes standard with every unit.

    The Mule folds easily  for in-vehicle transport.

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    The product does exactly what it is advertised to do and it is far superior to other products that cost more as far as features go. I especially like the ease of storage out of the way. The front casters roll better in all directions without binding, I find this a big plus.
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Item - Mule 2A-1-16853-C
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Our price - $2999.99
Mule 2A-1-16853-C
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