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Pallet Jack/Lift Combo

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Pallet Jack/Lift Combo

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Electric Pallet Tilter Lift
Item: TM-20-DC

For Open Bottom Skids Only

Our price: $4599.99

Electric Pallet Tilter Lift Straddle Model
Item: TMS-20-DC

For Closed Bottom Pallets

Our price: $3999.99

Vestil Electric High Lift Pallet Jack
Item: L-220-DC-HD

2 Sizes
3000 lb Capacity

List Price: $2749.99 save 16%
Our price: $2299.99

Vestil Manual Pallet Tilter
Item: TM-22-M

2200 lb Capacity

List Price: $2799.99 save 21%
Our price: $2199.99

Vestil Pramac High Lift Pallet Trucks
Item: PMC-HIPM-21-DC

Available in 2 Fork Widths 21" and 27"
2,200 Lb Capacity

Our price: $3499.99

Pallet Lift/Truck Combo

Our pallet truck and lift combinations give you everything in one—the combined efforts of both a strong pallet jack and pallet lift to manage, lift, and move your heavy loads.

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