NOBLELIFT Motorized Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

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    NOBLELIFT Motorized Heavy Duty Pallet Truck


    The NOBLELIFT Fully Motorized Heavy Duty Pallet Truck comes with a power drive and lift, all in a very compact footprint while also being lighter than comparable electric pallet jacks. It uses an electric pump to lift your loads easily and quickly.

    The pallet truck is built for lifting and transporting loads reaching up to 3,300 lbs anywhere you want without breaking a sweat.

    Please Note: This comes with 21” wide x 45” long fork. If you need a 27" wide fork it's available in a semi-electric model here
    or you can get a fully powered 27"wide jack here.

    Battery lasts for about 3.5 hours of continuous usage and an optional extra 48V battery pack is recommended for you to be able to use the pallet truck all day long. A digital battery indicator found on the handle bar helps you check whether or not the battery needs charging.

    Its skeletal design and open structure allows it to become lighter to improve its overall performance, battery life and flexibility. This pallet truck with its compact design and small turn radius makes it great for any type of work whether in tight quarters or minimal space is available like warehousing, food stores, retail stores, manufacturing and any material handling job you could think of.

    The NOBLELIFT pallet truck has a 500W AC motor powerful enough to drive it to 3 mph. It also has an ergonomic and smart handle bar where you could find the lifting button for both right-handed and left-handed operators to control the fork lift and dual butterfly-style thumb controls for convenient traveling.

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    Other Features:

    • Unique 48V system for high efficiency of energy consumption
    • Skeleton design to reduce weight for increased flexibility and improved operation performance
    • Open structure to facilitate easier maintenance and longer lifespan
    • Excellent climbing performance reaching up to 3.5%
    • Has a 500W AC drive motor for excellent and smoother propulsion
    • Small turning radius for maneuvering through tighter and narrower areas
    • Easy lift up and replaceable 4 x 12V/20Ah maintenance-free battery pack
    • Ergonomic control handle with horn button, emergency belly button as well as a digital battery indicator
    • Dual butterfly-style thumb control for travelling
    • Gravity Lowering as manual pallet jack
    • Key switch limits access to approved personnel
    • Pump motor with relief valve protects system from overloading

    Overall Specification:

    • Load Capacity: 3,300 lbs
    • Fork Size (Width x Length): 21”W x 45”L
    • Lift Height: 4.5”
    • Operator Type: Pedestrian
    • Turning Radius: 59.8”
    • Front Tire Size (Diameter x Width)/Material:  9”D x 2.4”W/Polyurethane
    • Rear Tire Size (Diameter x Width)/Material: 3.1”D x 3.7”W/Polyurethane
    • Travel Speed Unloaded/Fully Loaded: 3.0 mph/2.7 mph
    • Battery Life: Can last up to 3.5 hours when continuously used
    • Weight: 363 lbs

    Options Include:

    • Extra 4 x 12V/20Ah maintenance-free battery pack

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Item - PTE33X-2145
Our price - $1699.99
Our price - $1699.99
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