Multi Mover Hand Truck For Inflatables

Multi Mover Hand Truck For Inflatables

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The Multi-Mover Hand Truck was designed for moving bulky items such as inflatable rides, portable toilets, propane tanks, roofing materials, plants, tables, chairs, and much more. They come with closed cell flat-free and maintenance free foam tires. It is the perfect solution for moving any extra large over-sized load.

The extra 2 wheels in the back relieve the need for you to balance extra heavy loads. The large wheels provide smooth rolling over uneven or rough terrain. The weight capacity in the 2 wheel position is 550 lbs, and 750 lbs in the 4 wheel position. Hand truck can be used in four different positions totally up or down, and on 2 varying angles, depending on how you position the rear wheels (see detailed images on bottom of page).

• Made in the USA

• Overall Size: 51"H x 24"W x 20"D

• Unit Weight: 75 lbs

• Folding Nose Plate: 17"D x 24"W

• Welded Steel Construction

• 10" Flat Free Foam Filled Tires

• Can be used in upright (2 wheel position) and in 3 different leaned back angles with adjustable locking pins

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