9 Cubic Ft Electric Dump Tray Cart with Power Dump

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    9 Cubic Ft Electric Dump Tray Cart with Power Dump

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    This Electric Dump Tray Cart is rated with 750 lbs weight capacity on leveled ground and features two front power driven wheels with powered dumping made for all sorts of heavy duty material handling applications inclduing hauling stone, firewood, livestock supplies and landscape materials.

    The Power Wagon comes with a 9 cubic foot hopper made out of durable and high density polyethylene offering plenty of room to work with. Its low hopper height allows easier loading and unloading of cargo making it ideal cart for the equine, livestock, landscape industries and more.

    The 9 Cubic Ft Electric Dump Tray Cart with Power Dump is available in 2 models that differ only in their wheel types. The most used tire is the Pneumatic Dual Ag wheels since it works well for all applications, especially where maximum traction is desired. On the other hand, Flat Free Dual Ag features a flat free construction and a thick molded outer core with a hollow center requiring no inflation and resistant to puncture.

    It comes standard with a 24V/21Ah battery pack which provides long-lasting power to the cart allowing continuous usage for up to 8 hours. The batteries are easy to remove and swap which makes the optional extra battery pack a viable option. Not only that, the electric power drive train ensures that the cart can operate indoors or outdoors without emitting fumes or noise.

    This Overland Power Wagon features a 9 cubic foot hopper with the power dump option. This heavy duty wagon is the perfect choice for hauling stone, firewood, livestock supplies and landscape materials. The low hopper height makes the wagon ideal cart for the equine, livestock, and landscape industries.  The electric power drive train ensures that the cart can operate indoors or outdoors without emitting fumes or noise. All of our Powered Carts, Wheelbarrows and Wagons use a twist style throttle. They’re simple to operate and will cut down on your work time. It is also available in power drive with manual dumping models.

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    Options Available:

    • Hitch - converts the powerful electric dumper to a multipurpose powered trailer dolly. The ball hitch completely integrates with the chassis of the cart. To attach hitch, simply remove the hopper and attached frame, bolt on the ball hitch and the cart is ready for use
    • Platform - The Flatbed Platform converts it to a multipurpose flatbed which expands the versatility of the cart.  The flatbed can be used with the lip up or lip down, depending on the desired application.  E-Strap mounts are built into the platform for easy E-strap use
    • Extra 24V/21Ah battery pack

    Additional Features:

    • Heavy duty hopper made from high density polyethylene
    • Fairly easy to operate and saves you from back and muscle strain
    • All electric power with zero emissions, zero fumes, and full power all the time.
    • Requires minimal maintenance having no oil filters, air filters, or gas to add
    • Able to operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge
    • Ships fully assembled and made in the USA
    • Uses an electric lifter to lift the load and safely dump the contents
    • Gears are enclosed for maximum safety and durability
    • Comes with an automatic parking break to prevent rolling on inclines and keeps the cart locked in while being loaded
    • Comes standard with rechargeable 24V/21Ah battery pack which are easy to remove or swap
    • Includes a 110V on board charger enabling you to charge the cart with an extension cord or plug it right in the wall
    • Has a LED lights ensure you always know the current battery status
    • Chassis is welded and powder coated in house for lasting finish
    • Complete with a steel hub and 13" x 33" heavy duty wheels
    • Foam filled heavy duty swivel wheels
    • Patented designs and components ensuring top tier build quality and design
    • Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

    The quick attach system consists of two
    pins and a self locking mechanism for
    easy, hassle free change over of your
    cart accessories.
    Twist throttle with soft start/
    stop feature helps you maintain a
    comfortable speed. Indicator lights
    keep you informed on your battery life.
    Forward and Reverse switch on left,
    Power Switch/E-stop on right.


    Chassis 44 in.
    Hopper Capacity 9 cu ft
    Tire Dual Ag
    Motor 4" dia PMDC 4 pole, 24V, TENV
    Continuous Power 400 watts (0.536HP) at 24V
    Drive Single Reduction Open Differential Transaxle
    Gear Ratio 18:01
    Capacity (Level Ground) 750 lbs (295 kgs)
    Capacity (3:1 Grade Slope) 500 lbs (227 kgs)
    Speed (Forward) 0 - 3.0 mph
    (0 - 4.8 kph), Variable
    Speed (Reverse) 0 - 3.0 mph 
    (0 - 3.8 kph), Variable
    Static/Park Brake Electromechanical, Fail Safe
    Dynamic/Green Braking Yes.
    Manual Brake Override Yes.
    Batteries (2) 12V, 15AH Sealed Lead Acid
    Controller Capacity 90 Amps at 24V
    Charger On Board, 5 Amp
    Battery Life 300 to 500 Charge/
    Discharge Cycles
    Operating Time (Continuous) 6 - 8 Hours
    Operating Time (Start/Stop) 7.5 - 11.25 Hours
    Overall Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) 36"W x 75"L x 38"H
    Unit Weight 258 lbs

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Our price - $3469.99
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