72" Wide x 60" Long 15,000lb Capacity Aluminum Dock Board

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    72" Wide x 60" Long 15,000lb Capacity Aluminum Dock Board
    72" Wide x 60" Long 15,000lb Capacity Aluminum Dock Board thumbnail

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    This aluminum dockboard measures 72" wide by 60" long, and has a 15,000 lb capacity. It is constructed from High-Strength Aluminum Tread- plate. Designed for situations that require high capacity and have heavy usage. These aluminum dock boards are made in the USA and feature a 48 hour quick-ship program from the NY factory.

    Each dockboard has beveled edges for a smooth entry and exit. Structural steel side curbs provide strength and prevent equipment run-off. All side curbs are bolted together to allow board to flex for maximum longevity. Comes standard with bolted on steel legs that secures dock board in place between trailer and dock.

    The aluminum dockboard has the benefit of being lightweight and are ideal for infrequent use, where ease of mobility is key. They tend to get worn out quicker than their steel counterparts, so it is advised to use them in situations where they are only required infrequently.

    It is important to note that the maximum height differential that this board can handle is dependent on the type of equipment it is being used for. Please see specs below for more details.

    We recommend a dockboard width of at least 12” wider than the overall width of the equipment or pallet used. Wider boards increase maneuverability and decrease accidents.

    Please make sure to have a look at our dock board guide to ensure that you are getting the correct board for your needs.

    Dock Board Selection Guide


    • 72" Wide x 60" Long

    • 15,000 lb Weight Capacity

    • Unit Weight: 260 lbs

    • Maximum Height Gap:
      For Electric Forklifts - Max Grade 14% Grade - 7" Maximum Height Differential
      For Propane and Gas Forklifts - Max Grade 19% - 9" Maximum Height Differential

    Please Note: All dockboards are designed to be used in situations where the truck you are unloading is taller than your loading dock (not vice versa).




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