Magliner LiftPlus Lite Electric Stacker Hand Truck - 33"

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    Magliner LiftPlus Lite Electric Stacker Hand Truck - 33"


    This 150 lbs capacity Magliner Liftplus Lite Electric Stacker Hand Truck features powered lifting and manual propulsion having a maximum lift height of 33” at speeds reaching up to 2 inches per second. It is equipped with a long-lasting and heavy duty battery capable of operating 125-150 lift cycles when fully-charged.

    Other attachments and accessories are available. Attachments and accessories are easily dettachable allowing you to switch in between operations or even combine them giving the LiftPlus Lite limitless possible uses in any material handling activity. This makes the Liftplus Lite the ideal hand truck due to its flexibility capable of catering and solving all your material handling problems with just one product! 

    The Magliner Liftplus Lite Electric Stacker Hand Truck has a unique two-piece design which allows you to easily detach the column, chassis and other attachments making it easier to store inside your car for mobile applications.

    This Electric Hand Truck works well on any material handling applications such as tasks done in food services, vending, IT service, remodeling and repairs, paint stores, home and farm supply, merchandizing and more.

    It is fairly small in size allowing you to run through narrow aisles and tight areas. It comes with two 3.5” casters at the front and 10” puncture resistant, non-marking wheels found at the back which are responsible for giving the product great maneuverability, mobility and multi-surfaced capabilities. You also have the option to get the model with braking casters for added safety and stability during operations.

    Options Include:

    • 24" wide x 24" long fork welded steel platform with protective corner bumpers and cargo strap attachment points
    • Multi-purpose work bench measuring 18" wide x 18" long, and expands up to 28" long
    • Vise clamp with black grip used for LiftPlus work bench accessory
    • Vice handle used to expand/retract LiftPlus work bench accessory
    • 18.5" wide x 18.5" long straight fork
    • 21" wide x 18" long straight fork
    • 20" wide x 32" long straight fork
    • 19" wide x 24.5" long x 5" high V-tray used to accommodate 4” to 24” cylindrical products
    • 1.5” diameter x 24” long Arbor used to accommodate rolled material
    • 24" wide x 24" steel platform (requires fork attachment Part#536060)
    • 34" wide x 34" steel platform (requires fork attachment Part#536048)
    • Tote bag used to store the optional remote, work bench accessories and other small tools securely on the unit
    • Tethered remote controller allows user to actuate lifting and lowering up to 6' away

    Also Available In:

    Other Features:

    • Loop handle allows the unit to be easily tipped back
    • Combines the powerful lifting, stacking and positioning features of the Standard LiftPlus with the ability to separate into pieces for easy transport.
    • Perfect for route distribution applications and for moving loads in-store and to customer vehicles
    • Equipped with 3.5” casters which provide additional ground clearance and better maneuverability over rough surfaces
    • Convenient foot brake for added safety
    • Comes with 10” puncture resistant, non-marking wheels located at the back of the hand truck
    • Two-piece design allows for mobile applications


    • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 37”L x 22-3/4”W x 45”H
    • Maximum Lift Height: 33”
    • Lowered Height: 6”
    • Battery Capacity: 125-150 lift cycles when fully-charged
    • Lift Speed: 2 in/s
    • Chassis width: 22”
    • Weight of base unit/column/chassis: 71 lbs/44 lbs/27 lbs

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Item - LPL3322G
Our price - $2349.99
Our price - $2349.99
Choose Model:
24"W x 24"L One Piece Platform Part#536130( +$245.00)
Work Bench Part#536017( +$394.00)
Work Bench Vise Clamp Part#536018( +$3.00)
Work Bench Vise Handle Part#536023( +$4.00)
18.5"W x 18.5" Straight Fork Part#536053( +$240.00)
20"W x 32" Straight Fork Part#536048( +$258.00)
21"W x 18" Straight Fork Part#536060( +$157.00)
V-Tray Part#536054( +$355.00)
24"L Arbor Part#536039( +$192.00)
24"W x 24"L Steel Platform Part#536025( +$368.00)
34"W x 34"L Steel Platform Part#536033( +$465.00)
Tote Bag Part#534500( +$16.00)
Remote Control Part#534200( +$132.00)
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