Krane AMG 500 Musician cart

Krane AMG 500 Musician cart

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The Ultimate Musician Hand Truck and DJ Cart

The Krane AMG 500 by Krane Carts is quickly becoming known as one of the most popular musician hand trucks and DJ Carts. It was originally designed for creative professionals, including musicians, DJs, photographers, cinematographer, film makers, studio engineers, audio/video techs, stage crews and more. However many people in all kinds of diverse applications have come to recognize the benefits of this 3 position cart.

Available accessories include a solid carpeted deck, a stage wedge that transforms the AMG 500 into a tilted monitor stand, allowing you to leave your speaker rig on-board, and bungee cords.

Transforms from its compact and portable storage mode to 3 practical positions, each boasting solid, reliable performance.

4-Wheel Tilted Mode

This most maneuverable mode allows you to weave through crowds and tight spots while pulling your heavy gear, even with just one finger! Two tilt angle options were carefully considered for optimal balance and handle position, so the V-CART SOLO™ can do most of the work. For musicians using speaker cabinets with casters, it's a simple scoop-and-go operation and you're out the door quicker than the rest of the band!

4-Wheel Flat Platform Mode

Designed to accommodate those who prefer to keep their gear in an upright position (e.g. shock-sensitive gear, drum cases, etc.), the platform mode offers a versatile alternative to hauling your equipment, while maintaining the same short wheelbase for tight turns and pivots. The entire frame of the V-CART SOLO™ is built using 1" steel tubing for uncompromised strength, and unlike other rickety carts out there with telescoping platforms, it minimizes weak points and cumbersome operation found on carts having excessive moving parts.

2-Wheel Classic Dolly Mode

A must-have for lighter loads, climbing steps, or needing to push the V-CART SOLO™ forward, this indispensable mode allows for quick trips from your car to the stage without skipping a beat!

  • load capacity: 500 lbs.
  • frame: 1" high-tensile steel
  • tires: 8" flat-free lightweight PU foam, 4" polyurethane casters
  • storage dimensions: H 26" x W 20" x D 11"
  • platform load area: 24" x 15"
  • full handle load area: 51"
  • wheelbase: 19.7"
  • wheel track width: 20"
  • storage weight: 23 lbs

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AMG 500
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