Fully Electric Walkie Pallet Truck with Lithium-Ion Batteries - 3,300lb Capacity

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    Fully Electric Walkie Pallet Truck with Lithium-Ion Batteries - 3,300lb Capacity


    This 3,300 lbs capacity Electric Pallet Jack from Apollo Lift features electric-powered drive and lift and comes standard with a 48V/20 Ah lithium-ion battery which boasts powerful and robust energy which provide more than enough power to last 6 hours’ worth of continuous operation. Batteries also feature fast and short boost charge with only 3 hours charging to achieve full charge making it a great option to buy an extra lithium-ion battery to replace batteries in between application in order to maximize efficiency.

    The Electric Pallet Truck has 27” wide and 48” long forks which is suitable for various pallets and skid sizes and can carry just about anything. It is highly versatile which works well with a wide range of application including indoor use, light duty work, warehouses freight handling ,retail outlets, beverage distribution, chemical handling and processing facilities and more.

    It has an all-steel construction offering plenty of strength and durability for rough and ragged material handling as well as heavy duty usage. Not only that, the Pallet Jack has an ergonomically designed and multi-functional handle which conveniently holds all necessary features to operate the unit within arm’s reach.

    This Fully Electric Walkie Pallet Truck with Lithium-Ion Batteries is equipped with Polyurethane steering and fork wheels which ensure great stability and maneuverability in any given scenario as well as providing accurate turning and resilience on all terrains and surfaces guaranteeing safe material handling at all times.

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    Other Features:

    • Includes 48V/20 Ah large capacity maintenance-free lithium battery which lasts around 6 hours’ worth of working time
    • Requires only 3 hours of charging time
    • Battery is easily replaceable allowing you to operate continuously for 24 hours
    • Brushless motor, maintenance-free and highly efficient
    • Stepless speed, smooth speed changing
    • Small and beautiful, flexible steering which can successfully enter the narrow space such as elevators and small super market
    • Multi-function control handle which incorporates butterfly-style thumb controls, emergency reverse button, horn button and key switch for ease of use
    • Ergonomic spring-loaded steering handle with comfort grip for reduced operator fatigue
    • Long tiller with large hand grip for easy and comfortable hold, strain-free operation
    • Plug-in battery design makes it easier to remove and change, no need additional tools or devices
    • The rock arm mechanism integral structure which improves the structure strength effectively, meanwhile, share and adjust the even force from the fork. Reduce the obvious deflection in fork height after a long use and when loading.
    • Compact vehicle design rugged and high-performing yet light weight body provides exceptional maneuverability in tight areas
    • Less wiring and easy service where mechanical and electronic components are easy to change and service
    • Reinforced steel frame ensures rugged durability and long-lasting performance.
    • With welded joints and reinforced fork tips for most durability in the toughest applications.
    • The whole balance wheel can be removed, easy to maintain.
    • The drive wheel adopts horizontal type structure which makes the layout position of the motor higher off the ground to prevent the water, dust and greasy dirt gluing on the motor effectively and improve working condition of the motor.
    • The truck is equipped with a height limit switch. Cut off the lifting circuit when lifting height approaches the highest point to disconnect the power of the hydraulic power unit to prevent the noise from the spillover of the hydraulic station and save the energy caused by spillover.
    • Has cushioned Polyurethane steering and fork wheels provide excellent maneuverability and resilience.


    • Load Capacity: 3,300 lbs
    • Load Center Distance: 23.6"
    • Lowered Height: 3.1"
    • Raised Height: 4.3"
    • Overall Fork Size (Width x Length): 27”W x 48”L
    • Single Fork Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 48”L x 6.3”W x 1.77”H
    • Height of Tiller in Drive Position: 47.2"
    • Overall Length: 67.8"
    • Length to face of forks: 19.7"
    • Construction: Steel
    • Aisle Width for Pallets 39.4” x 47.2” Crossways: 75.6”
    • Aisle Width for Pallets 31.5” x 47.2” Lengthways: 75.6”
    • Turning Radius: 59.9”
    • Lifting Speed Laden/Unladen: 2.4/2.8 mi/hr
    • Travel Speed Laden/Unladen: 4/4.5 km/hr
    • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
    • Battery Voltage: 40V/20Ah
    • Working Time: 6 hours
    • Charging Time: 3 hours
    • Front Wheel Diameter: 9.8”
    • Rear Wheel Diameter: 3.2”
    • Weight: 320 lbs

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Item - CBD15W-Li
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Our price - $2199.99
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