Electric Automatic Stair Climber Hand Truck

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    Electric Automatic Stair Climber Hand Truck

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    This 500 lbs capacity Electric Automatic Stair Climber Hand Truck from MotorDolly features powered climbing for ascending and descending steps. It's made out of high strength aluminum providing it exceptional strength and durability when it comes to hauling and transporting loads.

    It includes a detachable extended handle bar which provides more support when carrying large and bulky loads making it easier and more convenient for the operator to handle. Stowing this lightweight Stair Climber is also not a problem since you can also fold the extended handle bar when not in use.

    This Stair Climber is capable of working continuously climbing up to 1,800 stairs on a single charge with the help of its heavy duty 48V lithium battery and high quality drives and components. You can freely shift gears to adjust the climbing speed making it more convenient to carry heavy loads or climb steeper stairs.

    It also features a protection level of IP54 which basically means that it is protected from water sprayed at any direction allowing you to utilize the Stair Climber to carry water containers or bottles easily with the help of the optional water bottle holder. A nylon safety strap measuring 2” wide and 5’ long is also available for extra security so that you can strap your loads tightly on to the Stair Climber.

    It is equipped with two 12” heavy duty Solid Pneumatic wheels that offer excellent maneuverability most especially on rough and uneven surfaces, turns quietly, and protect floors from marks and damages. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor material handling applications.

    Options Include:

    • 2”W x 5’L Nylon Safety Strap
    • Water Bottle Holder capable of carrying up to 6 water bottles at a time

    Other Features:

    • High strength Aluminum construction
    • Two large and Heavy duty Solid Pneumatic Tires
    • Lightweight yet powerful Stair Climber
    • Extendable and foldable handle
    • Boasts up to 1,800 stairs on a single charge
    • Capable of hauling and climbing 5 times more loads and stairs compared to standard Stair Climbers on the market today
    • Includes a fast charger with a long lasting battery
    • Produces little to no noise when operating
    • Has IP54 protection level



    • Load Capacity: 500 lbs
    • Overall Size: 22” Deep x 21.5” Wide x 48.4” High with handle folded, 61” High with handle extended
    • Wheel Size & Type: 12” Solid Pneumatic
    • Structure Material: High Strength Aluminum
    • Climbing Speed at High Gear: 34 stairs/minute
    • Climbing Speed at Low Gear: 17 stairs/minute
    • Continuous Working Time: 80 to 120 floors (1,200 to 1,800 stairs)
    • Maximum Stair Height:  8.25” or less
    • Battery: 48V Lithium Battery
    • Charging Time: 3 hours
    • Charging Voltage: 100V to 230V
    • Protection Level: IP54
    • Weight: 63 lbs

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Item - MD-SC-18
Our price - $2449.99
Our price - $2449.99
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