Electric Heavy Duty Stair Climber Hand Truck

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    Electric Heavy Duty Stair Climber Hand Truck


    Liftkar  Universal Heavy Duty Stairclimber

    The Liftkar HD universal model is distributed in the USA  through exclusive Wesco dealers. There are many Wesco dealers but we doubt anyone offers you the price that Handtrucks2go does. This model of the Liftkar battery powered stair climbing powered hand truck is perfect for transporting high and heavy loads like electrical enclosures, drink dispensers, gaming machines, heavy stacks of crates, PVC rolls and much more over all types of stairs and steps.
    The ergonomic design of this stairclimber and optimum layout of its controls let you adopt an energy-saving and upright posture while travelling up and down stairs.

    Comes standard with a 137" Stap and buckle, you can order a second one if you need.

    Looking for something in the $2000 range?
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    Optional Fold-out Rear Wheel
    The optional rear wheels feature attaches to the base frame of the Liftkar HD Universal extends the function of this stairclimber.
    With the dolly system folded down, you can switch off the Liftkar HD and simply wheel it around on level ground. The load is completely supported by the wheels of the stairclimber.
    This function is greatly appreciated by suppliers of electrical enclosures and drink dispensers because it enables you to transport heavy loads effortlessly through normal-sized doorways.
    Optional Toeplate
    The optional toeplase is equipped with 4 dual casters. Provides additional cargo space and the ability to move loads without tilting truck. Especially useful in confined areas.

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    Looking for something in the $2000 range?
    You can see all of our power stair climbers here.


    Click here for a pdf of specs and manual.

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  • Specs
    • Innovative edge-of-step braking system – automatically applies brake when wheels are at edge of step. Helps prevent loss of load control caused by accidental rolling down steps
    • Two operating modes: single step (ascend or descend button must be pressed after each step – ideal for maximum control), or continuous climb.
    • Foam filled puncture proof tires – ideal for use on smooth or rough surfaces such as gravel or cobblestones.
    • High-strength extruded aluminum nose plate - 21" w x 7.2" d.
    • Average number of steps with fully charges battery:
    • 440 lb.: approx. 220 steps    550 lb.: approx. 190 steps    725 lb: approx. 120 steps
    Part # 274100 274102 274103
    Capacity (lbs.) 725 n/a n/a
    Description Straight Frame Fold-out rear wheel carriage Snap-on toe plate
    Dimensions (h w d) 63"x21"x19" 40"x19"x7" 3.5"x21"x14"
    Weight (lbs.) 97 13 12


Item - 274100
Our price - $4809.99
Our price - $4809.99
Optional Rear Wheels:
Optional Toeplate:
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