Dolly Pal Mini Skid For Hand Trucks

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    Dolly Pal Mini Skid For Hand Trucks

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    dollypal mini skidThe Dolly Pal was created using a special blend resin using a specially designed mold.This new and innovative product allows you to load or unload you hand truck without bending down to put the boxes on/off your dolly.

    The concept borrows the idea from the same way that you would use a skid when loading/unloading a pallet jack. It's made of exclusive composite material, weighing only 2.2 pounds, making it the perfect hand truck accessory. The Dolly Pal is able to sustain extreme temperatures, creates a moisture barrier to the materials or boxes for which it holds and can support hundreds of pounds of materials or boxes.

    Because of the strong commitment and passion for the Dolly Pal, they combined the most durable and resilient materials available in the marketplace. The Dolly Pal began as an exclusively designed mold, manufactured by the same American plastics manufacturer that is the leading supplier of plastics to General Motors (GM). This reinforced composite blend of materials results in increased strength, stiffness and surface hardness which renders the Dolly Pal virtually indestructible.

    In addition to the resilience and durability of the Dolly Pal, this product was also designed to be lightweight, easy to handle and effectively transported. The Dolly Pal was universally designed for use with 99% of all standard dollies or hand trucks. Just as a wooden or plastic pallet is necessary for use with a forklift, the Dolly Pal is essential and will prove to be vital to anyone that owns or operates dollies or hand trucks.


    • Unit weight 2.2 lbs

    • Dimensions 10" Deep x 18 1/2" Width

    • Will fit any toeplate with a width of up to 15.5"

    Dolly Pal has proven to significantly reduce the amount and cost of Workman's Compensation claims. This patented design will eliminate the strains and injuries that result from conventional maneuvering and unloading of a dolly or hand truck.We strongly believe that this product is a necessity for anyone who owns or operates a hand truck or dolly on a constant basis.

    Call us about having these branded with your own company logo. Dolly Pals are available in single quantities or in a bulk package of 14.

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Item - DollyPal (Pack of 14)
Our price - $349.99
Our price - $349.99
DollyPal (Pack of 14)
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