16800 lbs Round Lifting Slings

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    16800 lbs Round Lifting Slings
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    This 16,800 lbs capacity Round Lifting Sling is constructed out of durable synthetic fiber wrapped in a sturdy polyester sleeve providing it enough strength, durability and flexibility in dealing with any material handling tasks you throw at it. The Round Slings can only be purchased in dozens.

    It is typically used together with a lever chain hoisthand chain hoist or electric chain hoist since it requires a hook to lift and lower your loads properly. The Round Slings are capable of working together in order to lift larger, heavier and uncommonly-shaped loads.

    Three lifting positions are recommended in order to fully utilize the sling’s capabilities which are vertical, chocked and basket making it remarkably versatile and easy to handle at the same time. It should be noted that each of the lifting positions presented have different weight capacities.

    The sling is color-coded as brown to ensure that the operator can easily figure out its weight capacity without looking at the label especially when you’re using other Round Slings from Bison Lifting Equipment. These slings undergo thorough checking and testing to ensure the quality of the products before reaching your doorsteps. The Round Sling meets and exceeds WSTDA-RS-1 standard.

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    Other Features:

    • Color-coded for easier identification of general weight capacity.
    • Made out of synthetic fiber encased in polyester sleeve
    • Complies with WSTDA-RS-1
    • Multiple lengths available
    • Light weight and easy to handle
    • Versatile enough to perform various material handling tasks


    • Load Capacity of Vertical/Choked/Basket: 16,800 lbs/13,440 lbs/33,600 lbs
    • Color: Brown
    • Sling Length: From 4’ to 20’

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