1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Hook

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    1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Hook


    This 2,000 lb Capacity Electric Chain Hoist comes with a forged carbon-steel hook typically used with a beam clamp, beam trolley with clamps, chain-geared beam trollies or beam trolley on an existing beam. If you do not have an existing beam you will need to purchase a seperate Gantry Crane.

    Includes overload protection feature coming from the upper and lower limit switches which makes it ideal for jobs involving heavy duty lifting like in construction sites, industrial factories, storage areas, warehousing, maintenance, manufacturing and other material handling facilities.

    The Electric Chain Hoist has a built-in ergonomic pendant controller attached to an 18’ long chord allowing the user to execute lifting operations at a safe distance. In case of power outage, an advance safety brake engages to put the operation to a halt until power is supplied again ensuring that your load stays safe at all times even while it’s above ground.

    This product is designed for buildings that are wired with 230V or 460V. We will prewire the hoist to the voltage of your choice. Voltage can be easily changed as well by simply removing the cover of its body and switching it to either 230V or 460V.

    It comes standard with a maximum lift height of 20’ long and is capable of lifting at a speed of 23.62 ft/min. Custom lift heights are available upon request. Please call customer service to avail this option. It also includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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    Other Features:

    • A 5-pocket load sprocket ensures smooth and quiet operation, coupled with a durable chain guide reducing wear on the chain
    • Advanced safety brake that engages when power is disconnected to the motor. Brake will only disengage when power is supplied to the hoist motor, no rectifiers that are susceptible to voltage spikes
    • Comes with a H4 Classification, Class B insulation heavy duty motor that has cooling fans and standard thermal motor protection
    • Equipped with heat treated helical and spur gears that is responsible for no noise during operation due to precision machining. Oil bath lubrication is needed once in a while to ensure smooth operation
    • Positive action and high-quality limit switches providing overload protection when lifting or lowering.
    • FEC GR80 high strength load chain as standard to DIN standards, greatly reducing wear and fatigue on the chain links
    • Comes standard with a canvas chain bag and a heavy-duty, forged hook with durable latches. Hook has a smooth 360-degree rotation on high-quality ball bearings.
    • Compact aluminum die-cast body ensures a low headroom and lightweight construction and is completely sealed with IP55 protection against water and dust ingress.
    • Built-in friction clutch that protects hoist from over-winding
    • Schneider mechanically interlocked quality contactors as standard with a high-duty rating
    • Standard drop down control panel cover allowing ease in access as well as safety when carrying out installation and maintenance
    • An emergency stop button to shut off power in the event of an emergency (simply twist and release)
    • Low voltage push buttons with a positive action and strain relief wire, molded into the pendant cable for added support and durability
    • Complies with ASME B30.16


    • Load Capacity: 1 ton/2,000 lbs
    • Power Supply/Lifting Motor Rated Current: 230V/6.5A and  460V/3.25A
    • Control Voltage: 48V
    • Standard Lift Height: 20 ft
    • Push Button Cord Length: 18 ft
    • Lifting Speed: 23.62 ft/min
    • Motor Output: 2.01 hp
    • Load Chain Diameter: 8 mm
    • Weight: 125.7 lbs

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