Wesco Triple Truck-Fork, Platform, and Drum Lifter

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    Wesco Triple Truck-Fork, Platform, and Drum Lifter
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    The Wesco Triple Truck Lift can accept 3 attachments, forks, platform and the patented Gator Grip for lifting drums. Adjustable angle outriggers for easy accessibility. This all in one stacker will save you money and space!

    You can choose which attachments you would like:  1) Just the Gator Grip for drums. 2) Just the fork attachment. 3) The Forks and Platform (You can not use the platform attachment without the forks). 

    Select your choices on bottom of the page.

    As a Drum Lifter - Wesco Patented Gator-Grip lifts drums from top for greater safety. No need for the operator to touch the drum to raise, transport and lower drum. Works with most standard rim 30, 55, & 85 gal. steel, fiber, and poly drums.

    As a Forklift - Adjustable Width Forks (6" to 19½ ") - useful for small pallets, skids, etc.

    As a Platform Lift - Slip On Platform (28½" d x 21¼") - installs over forks. Ideal for transporting cartons or irregularly shaped objects.

    • 3-angle outrigger adjusts with lever - no tools needed.
      - Standard setting – outriggers are straight out.
      - 41 degrees – allows drums to be lifted or lowered to ground.
      - 75 degrees – allows cargo to be placed on, or removed from, the corner of a pallet.
    • Outrigger angle can be changed, even when fully loaded.
    • High-gear ratio winch permits easy lifting with minimal effort.
    • Convenient foot-operated wheel lock for increased safety.
    • Mid-frame loading wheels allow unit to be tilted into pick-up truck bed with minimal effort.
    • Spring-loaded quick-connect winch handle may be reversed for storage.
    • 10" solid rubber rear wheels, 2" front swivel casters, 4" to top of frame.
    • 750 lb capacity.
    • 1-year warranty.

      Frame Only    Gator Grip
    Drum Handler
       Forks (2) 
    (Adj. 6"-20¼"W)
    Part #

    Wesco 261160

    261161 261162 261163
    Weight 209 lbs 39 lbs 31 lbs 28 lbs
    Lift Height /
    Lowered Height
    N/A 69" / 28.75" † 62" / 4" 62.125" / 5"
    Overall Dimensions 30" W x 52 1/4" D x 70 3/4" H 16" W x 12" D x 33" H 3" W x 26 3/4" D 21 1/4" W x 28 1/8" D
     Capacity 750 lbs 750 lbs 750 lbs 750 lbs

     † As measured from ground to top of drum

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Item - Wesco 261160
Our price - $1917.99
Our price - $1917.99
Wesco 261160
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