Wesco Liftkar Uni Motorized Stairclimber HandTruck

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    Wesco Liftkar Uni  Motorized Stairclimber HandTruck
    Wesco Liftkar Uni  Motorized Stairclimber HandTruck    thumbnail Wesco Liftkar Uni  Motorized Stairclimber HandTruck    thumbnail Wesco Liftkar Uni  Motorized Stairclimber HandTruck    thumbnail


    The LIFTKAR SAL Powered Stair Climber Hand Truck is a highly manoeuvrable hand truck featuring modular construction and a unit weight of under 45 lbs. Once you place the snap-on battery on your truck, your simple hand truck suddenly becomes a versatile  battery powered stair climber. The motor makes going up and down stairs a pleasure. And thanks to the wide pneumatic or puncture-proof wheels, the LIFTKAR SAL is as maneuverable as any standard hand truck and can be used used outdoors on rougher surfaces as well.

    You are now looking at the UNI Model of the Motorized Liftkars. This model is ideal for tall easily balanced loads, it has a 2 handle gripping point. This is the light duty SAL Liftkar that has a capacity from 240 to 375 pounds, depending on the model you choose. Perfect for those kegs of beer or for moving lighter appliances. Click here for the HD Motorized Liftkar that has a 725 lb. Capacity or here to see all of our electric powered stair climbing hand trucks. Available with a choice of 7 nose plates and pneumatic or microcellular (flat free) tires. Scroll down below  for images and to pick your options from the dropdown menu.

    Important Note: Price does not include noseplate, make sure to select the noselate you want in the options.

    • Comes complete with battery and wall charger.
    • Dimensions: 17.5"W x 59"H  Weight: 41.8 lbs
    • 200-300 steps ascending with fully charged battery
    • 400-600 steps descending on fully charged battery
    • optional accessories, spare battery, vehicle charger, keg hook, cargo strap (see the accessories tab for pictures)

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    With the SAL Series climbing stairs has been reduced to the minimum: the LIFTKAR pulls itself up onto the step above and lifts to only the necessary step height. During descent the motor acts like a brake to bring the load down smoothly. It is also ideal for winding staircases and landings where space is restricted.
    A lubricated mechanical clutch provides the unit with optimum protection against impact to the support wheels.
    Additional electronic protection prevents damage due to overloading.

    This unit has two climbing speeds (slow and fast - up to 48 steps per minute) and is available in various different models with different load capacities and an extensive range of accessories.

    While climbing, SAL hand trucks do not move any further than the height of each step. This makes high speeds possible at low power consumption. The extremely low weight of the truck itself is also a great advantage here. Without the quick-change battery unit the hand truck is only 6 kg heavier than a normal hand truck. The LIFTKAR SAL is basically a conventional aluminium hand truck that is able to climb stairs without physical effort.

    The intelligent control system enables the load to be transported at two speeds at the touch of a button. An intelligent sensor system even allows the hand truck to find its own way down. You simply let the LIFTKAR SAL roll to the edge of the step. It then lowers itself smoothly onto the next step without you having to press anything. That means you can concentrate 100% on what you are doing.
    The LIFTKAR SAL is ideal for rapid delivery and transport, regardless of the application.

    • Extremely lightweight for a stairclimber: only 16 kg plus 4 kg for the quick-change battery unit

    • Very fast: up to 48 steps/minute

    • Two speed settings: slow/fast

    • Intelligent lifting unit starts automatically when going down stairs

    • Hinged toe plate mounting - fixed version also available

    • Features sliding clutch and electronic overload protection

    • Manoeuvrable on the level like a normal hand truck

    • Even negotiates spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted

    • Large comfortable pneumatic/microcellular flat free tires, dia. 260 x 85 mm

    • Non-stop operation around the clock with a second battery unit and the in-transit charger (battery capacity is directly related to the load transported and the condition of the battery - average performance is 200 to 300 steps upwards, and at least twice as many downwards). 

    Load capacity 240 lb Capacity Model
    300 lb Capacity Model
    375 lb Capacity Model
    Maximum stair climbing speed 48 steps/min 35 steps/min 29 steps/min
    Weight without/with quick-change battery unit 16/20 kg 16/20 kg 16/20 kg
    Maximum step height 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm


    Technical data of quick-change battery unit

    • Weight: 4 kg

    • Capacity: 5 Ah

    • Voltage: 24 VDC (2x 12 VDC - 5 Ah)

    • Battery cells: sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid gel
      (approved by DOT and IATA for air freight)

    • Fuse: internal blow-out fuse (30 Amp)

    • Socket for charger: DC jack, dia. 2.1 x 9.5

    • Power contacts: 2 spring-loaded copper pins engage with contact plates on LIFTKAR

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Our price - $3304.99
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