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    Track-O Stair Climber Truck


    Track-O-Lift The Safest Powered Stair Climber

    As part of our ongoing efforts to bring our customers the best and safest moving equipment available, Handtrucks2Go is proud to be the first US based website to offer the Track-O-Lift for sale. The Track-O-Lift comes in five different models for different specialized applications, the most popular being the Twin Track Models which we are offering for sale online. (You will also see pictures of the other 3 models as well, please call us if you are interested in one of those.)

    Whether you're looking for mobile material handling equipment, stair climber machine, motorized hand truck or looking for material handling and lift equipment such as an appliance hand truck, Track-O Lift might be what you really need. Built for moving heavy equipment on stairs such as pool tables, pianos and vending machines, Track-O Lift is also a great motorized hand truck for industrial material handling.

    Call a Handtrucks2Go specialist today at (888) 811-5941 to find out  more about this new and    exciting product. Join the growing list of exclusive customers such as the US Air Force and NYC Transit in being a proud owner of the the Track-O.

    No other stair climber or motorized hand truck is as:
          Safe, Easy to Operate, Rugged, Reliable,
                                    as the Track-O-Lift!

      - Virtually eliminates the risk of personal injury and property damage
      - Operator does not touch the load while it is moving
          (operated by Remote Control, including wireless)
      - No physical effort is required
      - Lower work-day injury rates
      - Lower total lost work-days
      - Lower Workers’ Compensation insurance rates


      - Single operator
      - Very little training required


      - Several powering options available (not dependent on one)
      - Built to work
      - Built to last
      - Low maintenance and servicing costs
      - For most applications, one single maintenance check-up per year is required


      - Works on stairs, uneven surfaces, inclines, grass, sand, snow, gravel, and so on…
      - Powered by battery, AC, power pack or generator
      - Narrow enough to fit through a doorway
      - Electric casters allow it to be used as an easy to handle dolly


      - Battery operated
      - Very quiet
      - Pollution free

    Simply the best way to transport heavy loads on inclined surfaces!

                                     FAQ's about the Track- O

    How does the Track-O move?
    The Track-O moves as a result of the friction between the rubber strap and the ground. To move the strap, the motorized unit consists of an industrial motor (¾ H.P.), an industrial gearbox (200:1) and two sets of sprockets. The motorized unit is battery powered (12 VDC).

    For more information, click here for a pdf of the Operator's Manual.

    At what frequency should the maintenance check-up be performed?

    Once a year. If the unit has been used in harsh conditions (sand or mud) and dust has penetrated the interior of the cabinet then a standard air jet would be sufficient to remove the dust particles. One point that needs to be noted, the motor and gearbox are all sealed therefore they will not be impacted by the harsh environment.

    For more information, click here for a pdf of the Maintenance Manual.

    Can the Track-O go outside?

    Absolutely, but remember, it is not an amphibious unit! It will not cross rivers or ponds!!

    Can the Track-O go through sand, gravel, snow?

    Absolutely. It has been tested in harsh conditions for years.

    Can the Track-O climb all types of stairways?

    Yes. It is worth mentioning that special attention has to be given to metal stairs with rounded edges as opposed to square edges. Although stairs with rounded edges are rare, you should make a few test runs before attempting to climb up or down these stairways with a load. The Track-O depends on friction to move. Stay alert for stairways covered with lubricants such as oil or grease, which may affect the Track-O’s performance.

    Why is there a handle in the front of the unit?

    When the Track-O and its load reaches the top of the stairway and attains equilibrium (when the center of gravity of the unit is near the edge of the top step), the operator can then gently push the handle up (when the unit is descending the stairways) or down (when the unit is climbing the stairways). Only light pressure is needed on the handle at this time. This simple action will ensure a smooth transition between the inclined position and the flat position or vice-versa.

    Can the Track-O go through a standard door opening?

    Absolutely. Standard door openings are 34 inches. The Track-O needs only 30 inches for clearance.

    Does the Track-O strap leave marks on the floor?

    No. Like shoes, it may temporarily leave a black trace (especially if you are trying to slide the Track-O sideways, which is not recommended) but it can be easily removed.

    Do you have to secure the load on the Track-O?

    Absolutely, everything that goes on the Track-O must be tightly secured with straps. We recommend excessive strapping rather than not enough. Remember, your load will be inclined on the stairway.

    Is there a certain way to position the load on the Track-O?

    We advise the operator to put 60% of the load between the centre of the unit (clearly indicated by a red mark on the Track-O) and the front of the unit (the end with the black handle). This will ensure maximum stability of the load.

    Can the Track-O climb stairs covered by carpet?


    How long has the product been commercially available?

    After years of intense testing in real life conditions, combined with UL approval procedure, commercialization of the Track-O started in January 2004.

    Is the Track-O UL approved?


    Is the strap a snowmobile strap?

    Yes. The snowmobile industry has refined the art of making reliable traction straps for years. There was no point in reinventing the wheel!

    What is the maximum inclination for normal use?

    UL approved 40 degrees which covers more than 90% of all stairways. We recommend that you stay within this limit. There is an optional maximum inclination warning alarm (not included in standard models) that alerts the operator of an inclination of more than 40 degrees. You would still be able to operate the equipment but be aware that you are exceeding the limit and thus take the necessary safety precautions. We have decided to give you this choice knowing that should you be in a difficult position, for example if the motor stalls, major problems in removing the load from the Track-O would be eliminated. Please call us for further details on the above.

    How long will the battery last?

    It depends on certain factors such as load weight, terrain, inclination of the surface, charge level of the battery, age of the battery and air temperature. During the UL approval tests, the Track-O operated continuously for over 2.5 hours with 1500 pounds going from a flat surface to stairways (up and down) without any problem. Please call us for further details on the above.

    How can I check the level of charge in the battery?

    The Track-O has a charge meter indicating the voltage available.

    What is the recharge time for a single battery ?

    In the quick recharge mode, 60 minutes. In the complete recharge mode, 4 hours are required.

    What is the recharge time for a dual battery ?

    In the quick recharge mode, 60 minutes. In the complete recharge mode, 4 hours are required.

    When the Track-O is plugged into an AC outlet, how many Amps are drawn?

    5 Amps

    What is the weight of the Track-O?

    The TT-47 weighs 615 pounds while the TT-66 weighs 805 pounds.

    The Track-O is made of what materials?

    Aluminum (cabinet) and Metal (bottom plate).

    Is the Storage drawer option available on all models ?

    No. Only on the 73” Track-O model.

    Are the anchoring hooks adjustable?


    Are the anchoring hooks included with the Track-O unit?


    What kind of maintenance is required on this unit?

    There are 2 oil points which are accessible from the outside of the unit.

      What are the most basic safety precautions that need to be respected?

    We invite you to read the Operation Manual for a detailed list of precautions. The two most important precautions to remember are:

    1. The load must always be tightly secured against the Track-O
    2. Never allow anyone to stand behind/lower than the Track-O should control
        of the load be lost (as a result of not being tightly secured).

    Can I power the Track-O with an external generator or power pack?


    What is going to happen if I run out of battery power on the stairway?

    The Track-O will slowly descend the stairway. You then power the Track-O using an AC extension cord and allow the Track-O to ascend the stairway. Immediately recharge the battery.

    What will happen if the Track-O inclination exceeds 40 degrees?

    Please note that the Track-O has not been UL approved beyond 40 degrees. You should not try to use the Track-O under these conditions. If you get into this precarious position involuntarily, this is what will happen: If you ordered the Track-O with the inclination warning horn option, you will hear a warning buzzer informing you that the inclination threshold has been exceeded. You will still be able to operate the Track-O. Distance yourself and all bystanders from the Track-O. Remember, next time take appropriate measures so as not to end up in this precarious position.

    What is the warranty on the product?

    Movex Innovations INC. offers a 1 year warranty.

    Can I do the maintenance of the Track-O myself?

    Absolutely, it was designed with standard components. Please refer to the Operations Manual for details on how to maintain your Track-O.

    How long will it take Movex Innovation to fix a problem

    covered by the initial warranty?

    This would depend on the situation. Our service objective is to find a solution to your problem within 4 working hours. Add on the time it takes to ship the part or a temporary Track-O.

    Are there situations where the Track-O should not be used?

    The Track-O relies on friction to move. Whenever you place the equipment in an environment where traction is limited, (ie: stairways covered with lubricants, metal stairways with rounded edges), you alter the performance of the Track-O. Use common sense in all situations. When in doubt, try the Track-O without its load. NEVER, EVER allow anyone to stand behind the Track-O at any time.

    Call a Handtrucks2go specialist today at 888 811-5941 to find out more about the Lift-O- Truck and to discuss financing options!

    If you are looking for a simpler solution, have a look at our 650 lb. motorized stair climber truck here.

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  • Specs

    Physical characteristics-Twin Track-47/66* (specs with star refer to the TT-66 model)


    Frame Steel
    Cabinet Aluminium
    Length 47 in/ 66 in* 1194 mm/ 1676 mm*
    Width 29.25 in 743 mm
    Height 13.5 in 343 mm
    Weight (with front handle) 630 lbs/ 820 lbs* 286 Kg/ 372 Kg*
    Weight of Backrest 15 lbs/ 20 lbs * 6.8 Kg/ 9 Kg *
    Ground Clearance 2.5 in 63.5 mm
    Load bearing capacity (inclined) 600 lbs /1100 lbs * 272 Kg/ 500 Kg*
    Load bearing capacity (flat) 2200 lbs 1000 Kg
    Maximum inclination 40°
    Linear speed 44 ft/min 13.4 m/min
    Motor (2) Industrial
    Horse Power (HP) ¾ HP (x2)
    Gearbox 100:1 (x2)
    Power Features
    Battery included 2
    Integrated AC-DC Battery Charger 1
    Battery Amperage 85 Amps (x2)
    Operating voltage 24 VDC
    Continuous Run Time 3 Hours (withoud load and on a flat surface)

    >Maintenance Manual

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Our price - $28999.00
TrackOLift TT66
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