Custom Power Drive and Lift Die Transfer Table

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    Custom Power Drive and Lift Die Transfer Table
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    This custom mobile lift table - quick die changer was built by Lexco and was designed to transport and raise/lower die and mold equipment. Transporting dies can be a very difficult and dangerous job if you are not using the right equipment. Unfortunately too many companies wait for after the accident to happen before they are willing to spend the funds to invest in quality moving equipment that can handle the job safely and effortlessly.

    Please Note:  We do not have a price on this unit as it is just an example of a customized die mover that was built for a specific customer with their specific needs (the design shown happens to be applicable for many die factories so it is an excellent starting point). Please call one of our reps to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with a design, specs, and quote.  These items are not cheap, but as mentioned earlier they are paramount for safely moving dies and molds.

    This particular lift table has a 4,000 pound lifting capacity with integrated push-pull capability on the tabletop that reduces the effort needed to transfer dies or molds onto machine tools. In transport mode the ergonomically designed handle minimizes risk movement and provides a solid grip when operating the unit, lift lower and horn push buttons are conveniently located at the operators fingertips.

    The unit should be raised several inches off the floor during travel to compensate for floor conditions, when traveling the tabletop should be in the lower position. The butterfly throttle minimizes fatigue while allowing travel forward and reverse as well as speed to be controlled by rotating the actuator in the desired direction of travel. Breaking is accomplished by raising the handle to the upright position, when positioning loads and confined spaces the creep speed button allows the unit to be operated at reduced speeds with the control handle in the upright position.

    The reverse switch is located at the top of the handle simultaneously reverses the unit and sounds the horn if it comes in contact with the operator. It is capable of speeds up to three and a half miles per hour depending on the load. The same 24 volt DC 170 amp hour battery that powers to transport function also handles the operation of the lift table.

    A fully charged battery will normally provide power for an eight-hour shift before needing to be recharged. To convert from transport mode to table mode, simply lower the unit to the floor and the key to the off position, then move the connector plug from the top of the unit to the side of the unit, when in this mode the table can be raised from 35 and 9/16" to a maximum height of 50 and 9/16".

    To use the push-pull function, remove the stop pins and press the east or west button on the control pendant, the control pendant is for operating the push-pull table. The removable stop pins are used to keep the load from moving in the transport mode. To convert from lift able to transport mode simply reverse the procedure, making sure that the key is turned off before removing the connector.

    This Lexco mobilizer comes with a built-in battery charger, to charge the battery make sure that the key is in the off position and then remove the connector plug from its operating position and insert it into the battery receptacle.  Next plug the power cord into any 110 volt 20 amp outlet. A led charge indicator come standard with the unit, available options include the safety of accordion skirt, which minimizes operator contact with the table lift mechanism underneath the table and heat-resistant rollers. Both of these options are included with this particular unit and both are rated at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Lexco mobile lift tables are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations and are manufactured in the Pennsylvania factory.

    We can customize a die transfer table for you in a variety of lift heights and capacities and can modify it for your particular needs. Call one of our reps today for assistance.

    Specs on this unit:

    • Size 48” x 84”
    • Capacity 4000 lbs.
    • Lift Range 35” to 50”
    • Powered Push/Pull system installed longitudinally along the 84" axis allows for safe transfer of loads up to 75" long x 48" wide.
    • Self contained drive system with onboard 24 VDC battery enables transport, lift, and transfer of molds and/or dies anywhere on the plant floor.
    • Four button pendant controls the following: table top raise, table top lower, Push/Pull IN, Push/ Pull OUT.
    • Power source is transferred from the power drive unit to the table via "DC Jump Start" cables.
    • Onboard high capacity battery charger has 110 VAC input, with 20 Amp DC output for quick charging anywhere that has 110 VAC outputs.
    Unique Features Optional accordion skirt protects the users from moving parts located under the table top. Additionally, the skirt protects the electrical & hydraulic systems from environmental dirt & dust.

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