OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist

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    OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist
    OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist thumbnail

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    This 1,000 lbs capacity OZ Electric Chain Hoist features a standard lift height of up to 20 feet and is ideal for accurate and quick lifting capable of raising your loads at speeds of 20 feet per minute. It works well on any material handling applications done in commercial building sites, construction sites, such as warehousing and other industrial facilities.

    This Electric Chain Hoist is easy to use, featuring an intuitive and ergonomic design installed with an IP64 pendant controlling system making it convenient and easier to control with just a push of a button. It is also available with a longer pendant length of 65 feet allowing you to raise or lower loads in a longer height range.

    When it comes to product safety and quality, it meets all quality control and safety standards and is of produced out of premium and most-durable quality materials ensuring durability, performance and quality in all its years of service.

    The OZ 1,000lb Electric Chain Hoist despite its size and weight capacity is fairly light weighing only 53 lbs thanks to its lightweight yet resilient material construction capable of handling rigorous and rough material handling. Another neat feature it has is that it can operate under standard 110V outlets allowing you to utilize it almost everywhere at any time.

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    Other Features:

    • High performance friction clutch that is integrated with the load break to prevent the hoist from overloading
    • Forged carbon steel load hook with a heavy duty latch and a rigid top hook
    • Bottom hook features a thrust bearing to allow 360° rotation to prevent twisting of load chain
    • Has load sheave which provide better distribution of the load and smooth lifting with reduced vibration and wear
    • Precision machine gears heat treated for strength and durability
    • Oil bath lubrication on all bearing rotating points for a quieter, smoother and cooler operation
    • Dual braking system combines mechanical plus regenerative braking for instant and safe operation
    • Grade 80 alloy steel chains designed and manufactured in Japan for long and dependable service life
    • H3 duty class with 30% duty cycle for operation in various applications
    • Standard 110V power making it easy to use virtually anywhere
    • IP64 ergonomic pendant design for operator comfort as well as ease in lifting and loering of loads with integrated emergency stop
    • Compact and lightweight cast aluminum alloy body making it perfect for many work station applications
    • Comes standard with vinyl chain bag
    • Passes CE standards


    • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs
    • Standard Lift: 20 feet
    • Voltage: 110V
    • Falls of Chain: 1
    • Speed: 20 feet per minute
    • Duty Cycle: 18 minutes
    • Pendant Length: 19 feet
    • Power Chord Length: 15 feet
    • Net Weight: 53 lbs

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Item - OZ1000EC
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Our price - $1849.99
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