Electric Powered U-Boat Cart

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    Electric Powered U-Boat Cart


    This 1,000 lbs capacity Battery Powered Motorized U-Boat Stocking Cart from Magliner is made out of high-quality aluminum making it perfect for any heavy duty and ragged material handling applications you have in your workplace.

    It is designed for carrying and transporting multiple heavy loads at a time especially over long distances, rough terrain, slopes, inclines as well as tight and hard to navigate areas. This is perfect for products such as Beer, Soft Drink and Dairy.

    By using the Motorized U-Boat Truck, you’re able to increase overall work efficiency with minimal effort and reduce strain or injury for you and your workers. It features fast and smooth maneuverability reaching speeds up to 3 miles per hour. Inclines and slopes aren’t enough to stop this truck with the help of its four (4) heavy duty casters and two (2) solid pneumatic tires that maintain great stability and maneuverability throughout the operation.

    You can also freely switch to free-wheel mode at any time especially when propulsion mode is not necessary or not allowed. The electric propulsion system produces negligible noise, exhaust free and does not contain any fuel or other fluids that could possibly leak onto floors. This comes with numerous safety features such as the push-too-fast and automatic park brake intended to keep you and your loads safe at all times.

    Built with versatility and flexibility in mind, one handle of the U-Boat Truck can easily be removed giving you various ways of handling your loads. Not only that, the Motorized U-Boat Truck is compatible with numerous options meant to further improve security, convenience and your overall material handling experience.

    Options Available:

    • Extra deck sockets in order to accommodate smaller cube space and position loads better
    • Containment curtain securely holds product in place during transport
    • The removable, aluminum Keg Mover holds multiple kegs in place for safe, stable transport. Holds 6 full (half barrel) kegs or 11 empty kegs.
    • The Curb Ramp has 3,000 lbs capacity and a 9” height range. The twin-tooth deck design offers a 26" usable width that provides traction in either direction.

    Other Features:

    • Interlock button eliminates unintentional activation of propulsion system.
    • Comes with a fast off-board 24V charger
    • Aluminum construction with engineered for durability, longevity and extreme use
    • Transaxle can be switched to free-wheel mode when propulsion is not allowed.
    • Open differential transaxle provides 360-degree maneuverability in both propulsion and free-wheel modes.
    • Propulsion feature provides assistance for locations with inclines or that cover long distances.
    • Improves productivity by maintaining consistent speed throughout a typical delivery
    • Propulsion increases efficiency by reducing operator fatigue
    • Sealed-for-life transaxle requires no maintenance and lubrication
    • Push-too-fast safety helps user maintain control on inclines in free-wheel mode
    • Motor equipped with regenerative braking, which uses the DC motor to slow the load forward or reverse and returns some of the charge to the batteries
    • Throttle automatically returns to zero to stop and locks the load if the operator loses contact
    • Automatic park brake engages when throttle is released, even on inclines
    • Center tilt allows easy navigation over thresholds and bumps
    • High efficiency tires with proprietary solid-fill material reduce push-and-pull effort in free-wheel mode
    • Adjustable U-loop handle with throttle provides maximum comfort and steering ability
    • Throttle interlock button protected from accidental impact
    • Modular construction offers service parts versus total handle replacement
    • Removable handle allows access to product from three sides
    • Bottom cross brace rests on deck to provide load containment


    • Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs
    • Deck Size (Width x Length): 18”W x 60”L
    • Caster Size (Diameter x Width): 6”D x 2”W
    • Drive Wheel Size (Diameter x Width)/Type: 9”D x 3.5”W/Solid Pneumatic
    • Forward and Reverse Speed: 0-3 mph variable
    • Voltage: 24V DC
    • Battery Life Range (Continuous/Intermittent Usage): 6-9 hours
    • Recharge Time: 4-8 hours
    • Unit Weight: 145 lbs


    1. When not in use, it is recommended to keep the battery plugged in to maintain a maximum charge and extend the battery life. The charger will not overcharge the batteries. When the unit is completely charged, the light will turn solid green.
    2. To slow down the machine, reduce throttle input, or release the throttle lever, and the machine will brake to a stop.
    3. The drive system is equipped with an electromechanical park brake, which is automatically engaged when throttle input is zero. This locks the machine in place, until throttle input is increased, or the operator manually overrides it.
    4. A safety feature called “push too fast” will aggressively slow the machine down if the machine begins to move too quickly with the brake released and the power switch off. Its purpose is to avoid a run- away situation if the operator forgets to re-engage the brake. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that the cart be pulled (rather than pushed) in the manual mode. Pushing the cart in manual mode, especially when fully loaded, could result in injury to the operator if the cart suddenly decelerates as intended.
    5. When approaching a ramp or leaving the ramp, the center wheels will lose contact with the ground surface. At this time the user may need to steer the load and may need to push or pull the load for a short moment until the drive wheels reengage the surface.
    6. While the drive wheels are in the air, be careful not to over-accelerate the propulsion system, or stop the propulsion system, as this may cause load instability or damage to the unit when the wheels reengage with the ground surface.

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Item - MBT1621
Our price - $1939.99
Our price - $1939.99
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Containment Curtain Part#306020( +$124.00)
Keg Mover Part#KMRD( +$309.00)
Curb Ramp Part#RDCR( +$397.00)
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