Magliner Liftkar HD Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck

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    Magliner Liftkar HD Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck


    This 750 lbs capacity Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck manufactured by Magliner features an electric powered propulsion and comes with an ergonomic universal handle design to ensure you maintain balance at all times when maneuvering loads up and down stairs. This also makes the hand truck easy to use and convenient to grip whuch makes it perfect for all-around applications.

    It is capable of reaching up to 120-220 steps high depending on the weight you’re carrying. It comes with a 20-7/8” wide and 7-1/4” long heavy duty nose plate with grooves on the surface which provide both excellent hold and space for you to work own various types of load with just a single hand truck.

    In addition to that, this Stair Climber has a curved and ergonomic design intended for accommodating cylindrical items such as kegs which further add to its versatility and flexibility. If you’re handling awkward and bulkier loads than usual then you can attach the containment strap around your cargo for more security and to prevent it from falling off.

    The Electric-Powered Hand Truck rolls smoothly on its two 10” puncture-proof wheels which are made to maneuver through rough and uneven surfaces or terrain without any issues making it your best product for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can also choose to get the optional 4th-wheel attachment which basically adds two more 5” retractable casters improves stability and a more even weight distribution when climbing the stairs.

    Also available as a Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck with Foldable Handle.

    Options Available:

    • 4th-Wheel Attachment - Retractable 5" caster wheels to support load in inclined position. You can fold it flush against the frame when not in use.
    • Battery Holder with DC Charger - In-transit DC battery charger which both holds the battery in place and conveniently charges it using the vehicle's lighter
    • Battery Clip Kit - Battery securing clip for the hand truck holds the battery firmly in place in high impact situations. Includes two side channel inserts.
    • Containment Strap – Strap around your load to keep them in place

    Other Features:

    • Grooved nose plate provide good hold as well as more than enough room to work with
    • Designed for carrying compact heavy loads, such large printers or copiers
    • Unviersal handle built for all-around applications adding flexibility to balance the center of gravity as well as providing infinit grip positions
    • Curved aluminum frame versatile enough in handling all sorts of load such as kegs or cylinders
    • Includes standard battery, and battery charger
    • Equipped with two 10” puncture-proof wheels with solid hubs offering great maneuverability to navigate most rough terrains
    • Lightweight aluminum construction for maximum longevity and durability
    • Ergonomic design promote proper posture and reduce awkward movements by operator
    • Quick and easy charging which takes only 1.5 hours to charge a totally discharged battery to 90%
    • Equipped with two ascent speed settings, and single-step and continuous-step modes
    • Comes with an indicator lamp for easier tracking
    • Reduces force needed to move loads up and down stairs
    • Sliding clutch and electronic overload protection
    • Step edge brake system guarantees the highest level of safety
    • Power assist in climbing and descending modes to navigate most rough surfaces


    • Load Capacity Leveled Ground/Slope: 725 lbs
    • Maximum Speed: 10 steps per minute
    • Maximum Step Height: 8”
    • Unit Dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 63” H x 22″ W x 19″ L
    • Standard Nose Plate Dimensions (Width x Length):  20-7/8”W x 7-1/4”L
    • Battery Capacity w/ Maximum Load: 120 steps
    • Battery Capacity w/ Half-Load: 220 steps
    • Charge Time: 1.5 hours to reach 90%
    • Weight: 84 lbs

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    Aug 11, 2021
    This customer purchased the item at our site.
    Great hand cart does the job with out any issues. Definitely worth buying if you work alone.

    Disadvantages: Battery clip should be standard if you bump battery falls out. The lift should be 12” standard hight for taller steps such as older homes or stone outside steps
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Item - HDL360U
Our price - $5170.99
Our price - $5170.99
Optional 4th-Wheel Attachment:
Optional Accessories:
Extra Battery Part# 004210( +$310.00)
Battery Holder with DC Charger Part#930114( +$312.00)
Battery Clip Kit Part#930145( +$78.00)
138"L x 2"W Containment Strap Part#930123( +$63.00)
165"L x 2"W Containment Strap Part#930156( +$77.00)
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