Magliner Heavy Duty Aluminum Appliance Truck

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    Magliner Heavy Duty Aluminum Appliance Truck

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    This all-new heavy duty appliance truck from Magliner is made of lightweight aluminum and can safely and easily move heavy and oversized loads weighing up to 600 lbs. An optional 4th wheel attachment, which can be deployed and folded effortlessly using a hand release, increases the cargo capacity to 800 lbs.

    A game changer for safety in the moving industry, this Magliner appliance truck features an innovative break back bar which prevents the truck from rolling when breaking back or putting an item in place, promoting ergonomic posture and reducing muscle strain. Another safety feature is a dual handle release that keeps both of user's hands on truck for safe handling. Adding the self-retracting ratchet strap will secure the load and eliminate shifting during transport. Stair climbers allow the truck to smoothly maneuver over curbs and up and down stairs.

    This aluminum appliance truck has a heavy duty frame that is 12 7/8 inches wide and the wing extension add an additional 6 inches to support wider loads, providing overall support of 18 inches. It comes equipped with 10" interlocking microcellular foam wheels that are non-marking, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

    Looking to customize this hand truck? Click here for the Design Your Own Magliner Appliance Truck.


    • Load capacity: 600 lbs in 2-wheel, 800 lbs in 4-wheel
    • Overall height: 66 5/8"
    • Overall width: 22 7/8"
    • Overall depth: 15 7/8"
    • Nose dimensions: 23" long x 5" deep
    • Unit weight: 70 lbs

    Key Features

    • Easily and safely moves heavy and bulky items
    • Innovative break back bar with pending patent
    • Dual handle release
    • 4th wheel attachment increases load capacity to 800 lbs in the incline position
    • Self-retracting ratchet strap to secure loads
    • Non-marking, long-lasting and maintenance-free wheels
    • Wing extensions with rubber bumpers to support wider loads
    • Lightweight aluminum for easy handling of loads
    • Stair climbers allow for smooth maneuver over curbs and up and down stairs

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Our price - $1155.99
Our price - $1155.99
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