Magliner Gemini Junior Powered Hand Truck

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    Magliner Gemini Junior Powered Hand Truck
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    The Gemini Junior Convertible Electric Hand Truck by Magliner

    Item has Been Discontinued - Please Consider The Wesco Cobra Powered Junior.

    Intended for high volume delivery situations, whether on inclines long distances, or rough terrains. It is well suited for deliveries to airports, stadiums/arenas, amusement park/attractions, shopping malls, universities, office buildings, convenience stores and many other delivery destinations. The Gemini not only reduces, but totally eliminates the physical exertion required by a manual 4 wheeled hand truck.

    Save Money In The Long Run By

    *Improving Driver wellness and safety thereby reducing compensation claims

    *Reducing man power required for a job

    *Recruit and maintain premium drivers by providing the best equipment

    *Lower the amount of trips needed to unload a truck

    *Less time per stop, allowing you to make additional stops and sales

    Increase Prductivity Up To 25% !!!



    -18" x 7-1/2" magnesim nose plate

    -28" folding nose

    -10" pneumatic nitrogen filled wheels (stays inflated 6 times longer than air)

    -6" x 2" rubber casters

    -2 caster brakes

    -capacity in upright position-500 lbs.  4 wheel position-1000 lbs.

    -Weight without battery 96 lbs  with battery 119 lbs.

    -Overall Height: 2 wheel position-57.25” 4 wheel position 39.5”

    -Overall Width-22.75"

    -Overall Depth-18.5"

    -Usable Platform Length-12" x 37.5"

    -Maximum speed: forward-3.7 mph reverse-2.5 mph

    -1-1/2 hour charge time

    -can run 2 miles with complete charge on level ground

    For more information, click here for a PDFof the users manual.

    Check out the Gemini Senior Powered Hand Truck, if you you would like the bigger model.

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Item - Magliner PGA11UM43-2
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Magliner PGA11UM43-2
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