Heavy Duty Rotating Swivel Dolly 1.5 Ton Capacity

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    Heavy Duty Rotating Swivel Dolly 1.5 Ton Capacity

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    This Jung 3,000 lb capacity rotating doly, swivels 360 degrees to allow you to easily move loads sideways and around corners. These JUWAmid rollers will ensure that your floors will not get damaged or marked and is designed to easily turn in place and provide a high degree of maneuverability at a low rolling resistance. Works best on floors that are smooth, clean and works fine on floors with small cracks.

    Low profile height of only 4.3 inches allows you to easily load your load onto the dolly. Price is per dolly, use multiple units to move big machinery. Weight capacity is per dolly, double it when using 2, triple it when using 3...  In stock for quick 48 hour shipping.

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    Other Features:

    • Deliver 360 degree maneuverability, roll & turn easily in confined spaces, and move loads safely even at the maximum rated capacity. 
    • Designed to reduce the manpower needed for moving heavy loads, equipment, and machinery
    • Slick turning characteristics of specially formulated rollers allow for easy change of direction with these omni-directional dollies.
    • Low Profile industrial skates keeps load close to the ground
    • Compatible and interchangeable with all models dating back 30 years.
    • Rollers are outfitted with sealed ball bearings to prevent any contamination from sand or dust that would result in a failure of the bearings.
    • Employs precision ball bearings with low tolerances to assure constant even load distribution.
    • Lifetime Technical Support on all rotating skates

    Options Include:

    • Pull Handle 

    Overall Specifications:

    Rotating Dolly R1.5

    Load Capacity Per Dolly

    1.5 tons/ 3000 lbs

    Height (from floor to top of load pad)


    Dolly Dimensions (width x length)

    19.5”W x 20.8”L

    Roller Dimensions (∅ x width), 3x2 Rollers

    3.3”∅ x 1.6”W


    44 lbs


    1) If you are moving a heavy load across soft or thin floors (Example: Travelling on a wood floor or on a 3rd floor building), you may need to consider the pressure exerted onto the floor or onto the floor’s support structure to assure that the load will not break through!

    2) The size of the actual footprint and in turn the actual floor pressure is influenced by various factors such as temperature and load bearing duration.

    3) The load capacity for 1 or set of 4 rotating dollies should not be used on uneven floors (such as bridge obstacles, ramps, on grass and gravel). Run away load and unequal weight distribution may occur.

    4) Our advertised load capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight our dollies are designed to safely carry while maintaining easy rolling and turning. The breaking point and the failure-to-operate point are well above this capacity allowing the dollies to be operated at the maximum rated load weight. NEVER EXCEED this Safe Working Load Capacity.

    5) The dollies possess a safety capacity above the advertised load capacity to protect against limited temporary overloading due to impact loading or unexpected shift in weight. Operating the dollies above the rated capacity and within the safety capacity means more effort is needed to roll and the user will notice an increase in rolling resistance. If the safety capacity is maxed out, the rollers will stop rolling and start dragging behind and turning becomes impossible.

    6) For loads over 5 tons we highly recommend using a forklift to be able to stop the load when necessary. If you operate any heavy load on a decline, ALWAYS use a forklift to avoid run-away loads.


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Item - R 1.5
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Our price - $1699.99
R 1.5
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