Grand Piano Transporter with Large Wheels

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    Grand Piano Transporter with Large Wheels
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    This 1,000 lbs capacity Grand Piano Dolly is designed to lift and carry 4.5 ft to 7 ft long grand pianos with the help of three of its hydraulic manual lifting jacks. Unlike other Piano Dollies, this Grand Transporter comes fully equipped with a total of four heavy duty and large 8” urethane casters that offer excellent maneuverability in most surfaces ensuring smooth rolling in your workplace despite uneven terrain.

    In addition to that, the Grand Piano Dolly is extremely flexible with its foldable-arm design intended for saving you space, easier storage and most importantly allows you to go through tight hallways and doorways. It is also available in a dual wheel option which makes the standard 4-wheeler Grand Piano Transporter to an 8-wheeler design model offering better maneuverability and smoother rolling especially on carpet or even rough surfaces.

    The Grand Piano Transporter has an all-steel tube construction on its arms and main frame built for maximum durability and resilience despite constant usage for rough material handling. It includes a removable tow handle designed for easier handling and transportation of your grand pianos rather than manually pushing or pulling it to your destination.

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    • Designed to be used on grand pianos that are 4.5ft to 7ft long
    • Frame built out of 2.5” x 2.5” fully-welded steel tubing while the arms are made out of of 2” x 2” fully-welded steel tubing for maximum durability
    • Equipped with four large 8” urethane casters for easy rolling over irregular surfaces like carpet and electric cords
    • On top of the frame are three 6ton hydraulic lifting jacks with adjustable urethane pads to grip bottom of piano
    • Has lifting pads to protect and cushion pianos while on top of the dolly
    • Includes a tow handle which attaches to back or rear jack tube to pull along the frame with ease
    • Foldable design to conserve space for more efficiency
    • Made in the USA


    • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs
    • Lowered Height: 22"
    • Folded Dimensions (Length x Width): 32”L x 28”W
    • Weight: 140 lbs

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    How To Use The Grand Piano Transporter

    1. Swing both arms 2 and 3 out into the LOCK position.
    2. Place Grand Transporter under piano with two front arms under key bed and between front legs.
    3. Raise one jack up firm against key bed to keep in place.
    4. Spin cross bar up until 1" from rear leg block.
    5. Remove rear lock pin and extend tail until back near the leg, but not touching rear leg and put lock pin into the locking hole which aligns the closest.
    6. Close jack valve tight and pump jack until firmly against piano bottom. Be sure the load on the cross bar is centered or equal on both sides.
    7. Raise other front jack until against bottom of key bed.
    8. Pump up each jack until piano casters are 1" to 2" off the floor.

    You are now ready to move your piano!

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Our price - $2250.99
Our price - $2250.99
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