Electric Powered Beer Keg Lift Stacker

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    Electric Powered Beer Keg Lift Stacker

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    The 175 lbs capacity Electric Beer Keg-Lifter features a 37.4" raised height giving you multiple solutions for easy lifting, loading, and transporting beer kegs. It's compact in size, and lightweight, making it unmatched in maneuverability and ease-of-use. It is perfect for Pubs, Restaurants, Micro Breweries, Beer Distribution Centers, Liquor Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Casinos and Nightclubs, Function Halls, Catering Facilities, Arenas, and Stadiums.

    How it Works: Simply wheel the Keg Lifter up to a keg until its sturdy lifting bracket positively engages the keg’s top handle. The bracket design ensures the keg is held firmly and securely in place while lifting, lowering and transporting. The Keg Lifter can be moved in two ways: for longer distances it tilts back like a conventional two-wheel hand truck; or in confined and congested spaces it can be maneuvered with all four wheels on the ground.

    The unit is freestanding even when loaded and lifted. Kegs are raised or lowered quickly by simply engaging the rocker style lift control which is conveniently mounted to the drive/steer handle for easy access. Works with a wide variety of keg sizes and styles.

    Use it to stack or unstack kegs from one another; load shelves in store rooms, coolers or tap rooms; or load customer vehicles. The Keg Lifter’s battery provides ample power for a full shift and recharges quickly with the 120V charger included with the each unit.

    Move with all four wheels on the ground making it ideal for navigating in tight spaces.

    Specs + Details

    • Made in the USA
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • 175 lb capacity
    • Unit weight - Only 77 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions - 52" High x 20" Wide x 27" Deep (with half barrel keg)
    • More than 500 cycles on fully charged battery
    • 10 seconds cycle time lift up
    • Includes: 2 x 12VDC, 7.2Ah maintenance-free non-spillable led acid rechargeable batteries
    • Comes with a fast charger with an input of 120 VAC and output of 24 VDC; 2A
    • Raise and Lower Speed: 4 inches per second
    • Vertical travel: 37.4 inches
    • When half barrel keg is raised, there will be a 35 inch clearance from the ground
    • 2 10" x 2" no flat wheels and 2 swivel casters

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List Price: $3499.99
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