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    Custom Transfer Conveyor Table
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    This Lexco custom transfer conveyor table was designed for transferring up to 1000 lb loads along a conveyor to a rotation station where the load will then either be offloaded or shifted 90° to an additional work station for processing.

    Transporting heavy and large loads can be a very difficult and dangerous job if you are not using the right equipment. Unfortunately too many companies wait for after the accident to happen before they are willing to spend the funds to invest in quality moving equipment that can handle the job safely and effortlessly.

    Please Note:  We do not have a price on this unit as it is just and example of a customized load handler that was built for a specific customer with their specific needs (the design shown happens to be applicable for many factories so it is an excellent starting point). Please call one of our reps to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with a design, specs, and quote. We can customize, tabletop size, weight capacity, table top type (conveyor, rollers, ball transfer) and more.

    Unique Features on this particular model: 30” x 48” Conveyor system. w/gravity feed & adjustable legs to increase/decrease feed angles. 44” diameter ball transfer top. Removable fencing to allow work to be done as the load is being processed. Removable conveyor system w/ spring loaded locking mechanism to allow for relocation as necessary. Mounting cleats installed onto base unit to allow for securing table to floor.

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