Custom Die Electric Stacker with Side Loading Transfer Conveyor

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    Custom Die Electric Stacker with Side Loading Transfer Conveyor


     This custom stacker was built by Wesco/Lexco and was designed to transport, raise, and lower die and mold equipment of up to 2000 lbs.  The stacker has been customized to include a manual side load transfer conveyor to ergonomically move dies on and off safely. The stacker comes with two rechargeable batteries providing up to 190Ah service. An onboard battery charger provides 10 Amp DC power and can plugged into any 120 VAC 20 AMP AC out let.

    The stacker was designed with safety rail stops to prevent the load from extending 50” up from the floor (as measured from top of rollers).  Lifting and lowering the transfer conveyor is controlled with a two button pendant with a magnet on the back that can be secured to any metal surface. The pendent cord can be stretched to 20’.

    In addition, a safety feature was added to prevent the stacker from moving until the stop pins are installed.  The removable “Stop Pins” must be in place to engage the powered 5th wheel.  The pins insure the dies will remain on the rollers during transit.  The Power Drive System (5th Wheel) provides propulsion (locomotion) that eliminates the stress and strain of transporting heavy loads.  The steering handle controls the forward, reverse and braking movement of the stacker.  Automatic emergency safety (Belly Stop) switch instantly reverses direction if control post comes in contact with an obstacle.


    Please Note: This stacker is a great example of a customized product that was built for a specific customer with multiple die handling requirements.

    Please call one of our reps to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with a design, specs, and quote.



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